Game for Peace: English Premier League club Wolves rumoured to acquire SMG from PEL of China


The Premier League, as we know one of the most well-known names in the world of sports, and is a part of the top of the hierarchy in football. The league, besides being a supermassive brand by itself, also features some of the most historical, influential, and popular football teams in the world. Wolverhampton Wanderers, popularly known as Wolves, a club from this very same league is now reportedly set to acquire the team SMG, one of the biggest teams from the Peace Elite League (PEL) of China, which is the country’s domestic league for their iteration of the PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace.

Team Wolves x SMG acquisition in Game for Peace: Overview

As per sources close to GamingonPhone, the Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers, popularly known just as Wolves, are looking all set to enter the PUBG Mobile scene with the acquisition of the Chinese PEL team, SMG. SMG, the abbreviation for Still Moving under Gunfire, is one of the founding members of the Peace Elite League and has won the latest version of the PEL. SMG is also going to be one of the 16 teams participating in the annual PMGC Grand Finals, the highest level of competition in PUBG Mobile Esports and the most prestigious one as well.

Image via PEL

The rumors surfaced following the appearance of the mascot of Wolves, which is, obviously, a wolf, in a promotional video of PEL. The promotional video, made for the purpose of the PEL All-Star series, of which team SMG is a part was released earlier by the official handle of Peace Elite in China. Further insider information has suggested that the acquisition will be of SMG.

How will the acquisition work out in the long run

The acquisition by Wolves of team SMG in China is going to happen at a time when the popularity of PUBG Mobile in the global iteration is dwindling and is past its prime. Nevertheless, the popularity of PUBG Mobile, or rather Game For Peace in China is still high and the amount of money being pumped into the esports ecosystem is still seeing an upward trend. The PEL tournament has a combined prize pool of more or less about $10 million, which is an extremely large amount. This is without all the brand deals and marketing deals that come with it.

Therefore, if all goes well, acquiring a PEL team might be a very solid move from the side of Wolverhampton Wanderers, given the vast amount of money involved, besides other forms of media privileges and endorsements. It is also a really good way to market their own brand in Asia, while also familiarizing the western world with the Asian Esports culture.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a great piece of news for the PEL and the Chinese mobile gaming ecosystem in general that a top club from the most prestigious football league in the world has taken an interest in their league. Going on, we hope to see some amazing stuff come out as a result of the acquisition, which we could say will be a positive change for the concerned game and its ecosystem.

What are your thoughts about Wolves, who is set to acquire SMG of PEL, one of the frontrunners of Game of Peace in China? Do you think it will be a successful one? Let us know in the comments below!

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