Funny Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Roadhog 'Flying' Back to the Spawn Room


A Roadhog player takes to the sky during a game of Overwatch 2 on the Paraiso map, and they manage to fly all the way back to their spawn.

An Overwatch 2 player recently captured a hilarious video showing Roadhog being sent flying back to their own spawn room. While several characters in Overwatch 2 can achieve flight, such as Echo and Pharah, this new clip stood out because Roadhog is a tank that is usually not supposed to do this.

As one of the 11 tanks featured in Overwatch 2, Roadhog has the responsibility of creating space for his team during games, along with picking up a lot of eliminations. Fortunately, the character boasts several powerful abilities that allow him to do just that. For example, his Chain Hook is effective at killing squishy opponents. In addition, the tank’s Whole Hog ability lets him cause even more chaos on the battlefield. Recently, one Roadhog player had a crazy experience while dueling another gamer who was using the tank as well.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as nelllu shared a clip that provided new meaning to the phrase “being sent back to the spawn room.” The video took place on the Overwatch 2 Hybrid map called Paraiso and watched the Reddit user as they were engaged in a duel with another Roadhog player. After a few seconds of nelllu attempting to take down the enemy tank, things took an unexpected turn.

After using their Take a Breather ability to regain health, the enemy Roadhog activated Whole Hog. The subsequent knockback from the Ultimate caused nelllu, who was standing in front of the Roadhog player, to be launched into the sky. Once in the air, the enemy focused fire on the Reddit user, not allowing them to return to the ground. Instead, the power of the Whole Hog ability caused nelllu to fly through the air nearly all the way back to their own spawn room.

Unsurprisingly, this clip of a flying Roadhog has caught the attention of numerous members of the Overwatch 2 community on Reddit. So far, the post has 5.9K upvotes, and many fans have commented on the unusual event. In addition, nelllu uploaded a second video to their channel that showed the play from the perspective of the Ana player, providing another hilarious view to watch the flying Roadhog.

While these clips are doubtlessly amusing, it is likely to spark more debate about the position of the tank in the game’s current meta. In fact, Roadhog has become a contentious hero among members of the Overwatch 2 community lately, and Blizzard has said that changes are coming to the hero in the coming weeks. For example, the developer is addressing Roadhog’s ability to one-shot combo enemies using his Chain Hook. Time will tell if these changes are enough to satisfy members of the community.

Overwatch 2 is available in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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