Funny Moments In Games That Were Supposed To Be Serious


Video games have progressed quite a bit from their 8-bit roots. From not having enough space for assets to shoving 4K textures into the latest releases, it’s clear that the industry has progressed quite a bit over the past few decades. Most games barely used to feature any stories and focused solely on the gameplay instead

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It’s only with the slow evolution of the industry that more and more titles started incorporating stories into the mix. As a result, most developers tried to make their games as emotional and engaging as possible. However, there are times when these moments backfire and end up being moments that players ridicule instead.


10 Mitchell Beating Adam To A Pulp (Hunt Down The Freeman)

Hunt Down the Freeman is easily one of the worst video games of all time. The entire game is a mess and a slap in the face of Half-Life, a series that prides itself on combining both its gameplay and story into one seamless package.

The finale of Hunt Down the Freeman sees Mitchell beating down Adam, the man who actually attacked him and scarred his face. Mitchell mentions this point in a hilarious fashion before brutalizing and killing Adam, leading to players laughing during the game’s climax.

9 Neenah’s Car Being Destroyed (Saints Row)


The Saints Row reboot had some big shoes to fill but didn’t really live up to the standards set by past games in the series. It didn’t help that the main cast was utterly forgettable, leading to their emotional moments ringing quite hollow.

A great example of this is during the mission Neenah’s Car, where players strive to save their friend’s precious automobile from being destroyed only to fail at the last second. Watching the car fall in slow motion as Neenah screams in despair shouldn’t be funny… and yet, it’s one of the few moments where the game actually makes the player laugh.


Breaking the law in any video game can be a pretty entertaining and serious moment. However, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion adds a healthy dose of comedy to the proceedings as well.

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Being caught breaking the law will lead to a guard aggressively hounding the player and trapping them in conversation. The best part about this moment is the camera zooming in on an angry guard’s face, making the moment way funnier than it has any right to be.

7 Sonic Kissing A Human (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - sonic and a woman looking at one another

Sonic ’06 is easily one of the worst video games of all time, in no small part due to the broken gameplay and poor story. The oddest part of this game is the fact that Sonic actually develops feelings for a normal human being.

This leads to a rather uncomfortable and funny moment near the end of the game when the two characters kiss. It’s a horrific moment that is meant to be emotional, yet becomes hilarious because of just how odd the scene really is.

6 Tidus And Yuna Pretend-Laughing (Final Fantasy 10)

final fantasy 10 tidus laugh

When Yuna has to embark on her deadly pilgrimage, Tidus decides to cheer her up by forcing her to laugh. This leads to an infamous video game scene that has been taken out of context over and over again.

Regardless, seeing Tidus yell out the fakest of laughs never ceases to be entertaining. It might be to lift Yuna’s spirits up during a moment when the pressure of her task is getting to her, but players won’t really care since they’ll be too busy guffawing at Tidus’ tomfoolery.

5 Trish’s Death (Devil May Cry)

Dante and Trish from Devil May Cry

Trish is a character from Devil May Cry who makes her presence known across the series. However, there was a moment in the first game when everyone assumed that she had been sent to an early grave.

This leads to Dante yelling out in anguish and saying a line that has gone down the in the annals of video game history for being one of the most hilarious voice actor moments of all time. Hearing Drew Coombs’ voice crack at the end of this sentence only to echo over and over again is genuinely side-splitting content.

4 Ethan Yelling Out To Find Jason (Heavy Rain)

Jason Mars Talking With Ethan Mars in Heavy Rain In The Mall

Quantic Dream games have a habit of making tense moments pretty funny, albeit unintentionally so. A great example of this is during the very start of Heavy Rain.

After losing Jason in a mall, players control Ethan as he frantically tries to find his child, yelling out “Jason” constantly in the process. The frequency of this yelling makes the scene way more hilarious than intended, even with the tragic events that follow.

3 Chris Punching A Boulder To Save Sheva (Resident Evil 5)

Chris Redfield punching a boulder in Resident Evil 5

There was a time when Resident Evil had shaken away its horror roots to focus solely on over-the-top action. This led to the advent of the infamous boulder-punching scene in Resident Evil 5.

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This moment is supposed to be a critical one for Chris Redfield, trying as hard as possible to save Sheva inside a burning volcano. This leads to him pushing and punching a boulder to form a platform, which is such a ridiculous moment that players can’t help but laugh.

2 Spider-Man Faceplanting While Trying To Save A Hostage (Spider-Man 3)

The restrained woman in Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man has enjoyed his fair share of video games, although not all of them have been particularly impressive. Spider-Man 3 tries to do some things right, although its QTE moments can be pretty funny.

Perhaps the most hilarious QTE fail in the series comes when Spider-Man tries to save a hostage who’s tied to a bomb, only to faceplant in dramatic fashion. Seeing the hostage just accept her death there and then shouldn’t be hilarious in the slightest, yet has become one of the most iconic video game moments of all time just for its sheer unintended hilarity.

1 JC Denton Finding A Bomb (Deus Ex)

The front cover of the original Deus Ex showing J.C. Denton looking up at a light beaming down.

Deus Ex is one of the greatest immersive sim titles of all time. It also features a protagonist who delivers his lines in such a dry manner that many of the game’s serious moments end up becoming quite funny.

A great example of this is when JC finds a bomb in his helicopter, with his pilot discovering the same. The stilted manner in which JC exclaims “a bomb” is so comical that it has become one of the most iconic moments in the entire game.

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