Fortnite x NFL enters the metaverse with NFL Zone creative map


Fortnite x NFL enters the metaverse with NFL Zone creative map


Fortnite and the National Football League have created the NFL Zone metaverse creative map, giving players an immersive game day experience.

The recurring Fortnite x National Football League (NFL) collaboration is back. However, instead of in-game outfits, the NFL is jumping into Fortnite’s “Metaverse.” The new NFL Zone Fortnite Creative map allows players to experience a social hub featuring a virtual tailgate, stadium, and team-inspired maps. 

There’s a lot more about the NFL Zone that you might want to know. Let’s get into the details of this Fortnite NFL Zone Metaverse experience. 

Fortnite NFL Zone explained; mini-games, team-inspired map, & more

NFL Zone: The Hub island code

Fortnite players can navigate to the NFL Zone creative map using code 3402-0256-6913. After entering the code, you’ll transport to The Hub, where the NFL action begins. From here, you can access the tailgate and stadium and play mini-games. 

Some of the mini-games include “seek and sack,” which is a take on the popular search and destroy game mode. Additionally, there’s the tag and capture the flag type of game named “Blitz the Bag.” 

San Francisco 49ers team-inspired map
San Francisco 49ers map image

As for the team-inspired map, the San Francisco 49ers are the first in the spotlight. Using map code 6133-5764-5986, you can navigate directly to the first team-inspire map. The following two teams planned are the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants, followed by many others. 

Epic Games & NFL representatives speak on the collaboration

The NFL’s VP of Video Gaming — Ed Kiang — commented on the league’s NFL Zone initiative in Fortnite:

“Fortnite has become one of the go-to destinations for audiences seeking immersive, social experiences, and we see a massive opportunity to bring NFL football to a new generation of fans with NFL Zone. Through developing a robust catalog of content with top gaming personalities and pairing it with a persistent presence in the metaverse, we’ll be able to grow generational fandom off the field and enhance the connection audiences have with NFL football.”

Matthew Henick, Epic Games’ VP of Metaverse Development, said the NFL Zone is “a great example of the amazing experiences created and published to millions of players in Fortnite every day.” 

Beyond the creative experience, content creators and NFL players will promote the Fortnite NFL Zone on social media platforms. According to the press release, the team-inspired maps will prominently feature the league’s NFC vs. AFC rivalries. 

“Participating content creators will have their wins tracked on a giant scoreboard in NFL Zone, with the division earning the most total points crowned champion after a final AFC vs. NFC playoff. Participants will also have an opportunity to compete alongside their favorite content creators, who will be assigned divisions to keep the competitive spirit alive.”

The Fortnite NFL Zone Metaverse collaboration is now available in the game. You can visit the map codes above to see what each has to offer from a gameplay standpoint. 

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