Fortnite V23.10 Patch Notes – Huge Winterfest Update


This is everything that’s changed and new in the Fortnite V23.10 update.

Fortnite Chapter 4 has gotten its first real update since launch. This new Fortnite V23.10 patch is changing a few things around, and it’s even added in some new Mythics! Along with balancing changes to improve the meta for Chapter 4, we’ve got Fortnite Winterfest. This is always one of the highlights of the year for Fortnite.

This patch might not have the most changes to content right now, but it’s had files for everything coming through December added. We’ve got a lot in store too. There’s going to be a new anime crossover with My Hero Academia, a Mr Beast skin and challenge has been added, along with Winterfest and its free Fortnite skins arriving.

This is everything that’s changed across the game with Fortnite V23.10. Including the changes that have been snuck into the files outside of the official patch notes. This is what you have in store over the next few weeks in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Fortnite V23.10 Patch Notes

The big part of Fortnite V23.10 is the Winterfest. However, we also have some new items coming inside the game files. Then there’s an important bug fix, and the huge Mr Beast crossover that has just made the game. We’ll start with the major Winter event that’s just started up.

Winterfest 2022

The big addition with this update is Winterfest 2022. This is the holiday event that Fortnite throws every year. There aren’t huge map changes. That’s understandable considering we’re so fresh with this map for Fortnite Chapter 4. It would be a bit silly to make massive changes this early. On top of that, half the map is covered in ice already. Can’t get too much more Christmassy. Although, there’s some minor changes like the Christmas house making its annual appearance.

Along with a slightly changed map, there’s some winter themed items kicking around. The snowball launcher is back along with presents. We might even see the present dispensing NPC truck make an appearance.

The Winterfest 2022 update in Fortnite V23.10 has got everything set-up. We’re going to be getting special Winterfest quests. There will also be two free skins in the event. Every day, players can sign in and open up a present. By the end of it, they’ll have collected loads of free cosmetics and other bonuses.

New Chapter 4 Mythics in Fortnite V23.10

Fortnite Chapter 4 Weekly Quests

The next thing added in with the update is the new Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythics. The game is getting two more of these powered weapons. One of these isn’t fully active just yet, but it has been added in and we know when to expect it. Players will be able to get a hands-on with the other item really quickly though.

One of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythics is Deku’s Smash. This is a Smash attack with air that project outwards at a great force. It comes from the manga and anime My Hero Academia, currently in its exciting 6th season. The item recreates the signature power of the franchises central character, Deku. Although, it was also used by All Might before he passed the power along. We’re expecting both of these characters to be represented in the crossover between the skin and pickaxe, so this is a fun Mythic.

The other is a Shockwave Hammer. We’re not sure what’s going to make this one Mythic considering just how useful the normal hammer is. However, a boss character is going to be dropping a souped-up version of the weapon. This might have even fewer cooldowns as this overpowered weapon as they were increased in a hotfix just after the season’s launch.

Guardian Shield

To fit with all of the medieval styles cosmetic and knights kicking around, there’s a new item. This is the Guardian Shield. It’s a new item that allows you to use a physical shield in game! This has a few fun mechanics

You can use to cover yourself from bullets. It’ll be a valuable type of protection and you’re going to be able rotate without worrying too much about shots coming in. We don’t know when this is going to be activated, but it could be at any time after the Fortnite V23.10 patch notes.

The Guardian Shield fits in with the theming of the current season, but also the other weapons. This season’s guns are fun, but things like the hammer and shield are pushing the weapon pool to embrace the weirder options. That’s one of Fortnite’s strong suites and it’s fun to see it embraced.

Battle Pass Bonus Skins Updated


More Fortnite Chapter 4 Bonus Skins have been added into the game! These skins are unlockable once you get to really high levels in this season’s Battle Pass. You’ll need to really high up to do that. At best, you’re looking getting to those skins after Christmas. That’s if you can manage to level up as efficiently as possible. Although, people who purchased a load of levels will probably get to them quicker.

There are new bonus super styles for Helsie, Selene, Ageless, Dusty, and Massai. We might get a few more before the seasons over too. These newer stretch rewards from Fortnite V23.10 give even more of an incentive to be earning XP and clocking up experience in Fortnite too.

Bug Fixes in Fortnite V23.10

The Fortnite V23.10 update has brought a few bug changes which are worth of note too. These are some changes that have been made.

  • Overshield Numbers are fixed. They now appear a different color in Zero Builds.
  • Battle Pass bug fixed.

Those are all of the major ones.

MrBeast x Fortnite

Fortnite V23.10 Patch Notes

MrBeast X Fortnite has been teased a couple of times already and we know have full details! We’re getting Mr Beast content in the game in full starting on December 14th.

There’s going to be a skin for the content creator and matching other cosmetics. There will also be a challenge called Mr Beast’s Extreme Survival Challenge. This will have a $1 million prize pool for the top-ranking player.

What’s Next?

With Winterfest kicking off, we can expect things to slow down a little as Epic heads off for their holiday break. It’s not going that way this time around though. We have two more huge events hitting Fortnite in the next few days. There’s the Winterfest, but also the My Hero Academia crossover. With all this going in, it’s not going to be a quiet few weeks.

There’s only a little while left in this month, yet Fortnite is getting loads of new content. Even before players really get used to the new map and weapons! Try and make the most out of WinterFest 2022. Once we’re back in January, we might see some bigger changes to Chapter 4’s content as tournaments start back up.


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