Fortnite v22.40 update brings Rocket League’s Octane, new game modes, and more


Fortnite Battle Royale v22.40 update introduces Rocket League’s Octane, a new item Grapple Glider, and a limited-time mode Big Battle. Additionally, the v22.40 update brings the Class Selector UI, D-Launcher devices as well as a Dial-A-Drop and Grapple Glider to the creative mode.

Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative v22.40 update


The Octane car from Rocket League was launched into Fortnite in v22.10 so that creators may rev up their designs. Octane has advanced into Battle Royale and Zero Build with version 22.40. Although it is adjusted for Battle Royale and Zero Build, this version still contains rocket boosters, supersonic speed, and the skills to jump, double jump, dodge, fly, and drive on walls.

Grapple Glider

Image via Epic Games

Make a swift getaway with the Grapple Glider. Players can aim at a hard surface, pull themselves up, and then deploy their Glider to travel to safe territory. They can find Grapple Gliders from the ground, Chests, Chrome Chests, and Supply Drops. They have limited charges, so it’s not a bad idea to save your Grapple Glider for emergencies. Creators can place this item on their island and give players the ability to make a swift getaway

Class Selector UI

In Fortnite Creative the Class Selector UI device can add a new tab to the Map screen of the game as well as a popup dialogue that lists the classes that players can select from. Creators can either require players to select a class when they spawn or let them switch classes while they’re playing. They can set a channel option to activate the popup dialogue during the game or allow players to change their class by opening the Map screen and selecting a new class by configuring device options.


Three new D-Launcher devices are now available:

  • D-Launcher (Standard)
  • D-Launcher (Primal)
  • D-Launcher (Invasion)

Adjust the launch speed and angle of D-Launchers to customize a unique trajectory for each one.

Dial-A-Drop Consumable

With the aid of this device, players can request a vehicle, supply, or health drop be sent to their position. Per island experience, a maximum of five vehicle drops are permitted. When the limit is reached, the count will show Unavailable on the user interface.

Fortnite v22.40 update brings the Big Battle LTM to both Battle Royale and Creative

The new Big Battle Limited Time Mode pits two teams of 40 players against one another. Players will see Uncommon-rarity items in their loadout at the start of the game as the Storm is already circling the first zone. The action in this quick-paced Zero Build LTM gets underway right away. Loot in Big Battle is Rare-rarity or higher to aid players in taking out the opposing squad more quickly. Further, players can also create a Big Battle themselves using the new Battle Royale Island tools available in Creative.

Fortnite Big Battle
Image via Epic Games

The Battle Royale Island was changed in the v22.30 patch to become a “starter island” where you can go to create your own Battle Royale experience or just explore. Developers will be vaulting Battle Lab in v23.00 with this new method of exploring Battle Royale Island.

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