Fortnite leaks suggest there might be a Family Guy Skin under development


Family Guy shouldn’t need to be introduced, being a famous animated series known for its edgy and dark jokes, is reportedly going to get a Fortnite feature via a Family Guy Skin being introduced in Fortnite according to recent leaks, how solid these claims are is still uncertain, but looking at the history of so many collaborations being done by Fortnite it won’t be a surprise if this news pans out to be true.

Players could disguise themselves as Peter Griffin in the battle royale

Fortnite Family Guy Skin, Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

According to various social media handles of fans on Twitter, there is a texture currently in the files that appears to be related to a different back bling that played a Family Guy clip. Given the history of the game, it won’t be something new with Fortnite having various other big collaborations with big creators and developers.

But a family guy reference in the game, especially the main character Peter Griffin making an appearance in the game is sure to make it go viral the second it would pan out to be true.

The code “FrenchFry” is said to be a placeholder for the skin, various data miners like Shiina and HYPEX have shared their views on the matter with both claiming that a big collaboration of Fortnite and Family guy might be on the cards for Epic Games and fans should not juts yet rule out the possibility of it happening.

Usually, when the data miners are able to find a file in the game, it means that the character is in active development and moving toward release. Hence it is not clear when it will happen even if it will happen if the leaks are real.

In the end, it is safe to say, that no Fortnite fan would ever say no to a collaboration, especially when done with an animated series as famous and as beloved as Family Guy. However how solid these claims are is still uncertain and all we can do for now is to pray and hope that it happens because if it would, it would break the internet and go viral.

What are your thoughts on the new Fortnite Family Guy Skin reportedly being developed by Epic Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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