Fortnite: Hidden Mechanics From Chapter 3, Season 4


The latest season of Fortnite has burst onto the gaming scene with an incredible shine. Literally. Chapter 3, Season 4 brings an invasive and metallic chrome to the map, which seems to be expanding with each week. Like every new season of Fortnite, there are a lot of new experiences to be had, and many innovative mechanics to discover.

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Some mechanics may seem more obvious than others, but what Fortnite always deserves credit for is just how interesting they manage to keep each new season. There are plenty of new ways to enjoy Fortnite, and Chapter 3, Season 4 is just one of many opportunities.


Vault Keys

Throughout the seasons of Fortnite, players have been able to travel to specific locations on the map to unlock vaults. Within these vaults, are supply crates, chests, ammo crates and gold safes. There’s a bounty of loot within these vaults, and they can be unlocked by the player and their squad standing together at the locked door.

With the release of Fortnite’s new season, long gone are the days where a player needs their entire squad at the locked vault door. Now, they simply need to find a consumable key around the lootable map to unlock the vault and all of its contents.

Chrome Walls

When players are traversing through the new Fortnite map, they shouldn’t ignore the chrome walls. They are not just a display of fancy wallpaper, but they harbour a secret mechanic. Players can walk up to these chrome walls, and sink into them, where they will find themselves on the other side of the wall without a fuss.

These walls can be used to escape certain combat situations or to see what is on the other side of the wall without needing to break the wall or use the door. Players can be rather tactical with these chrome walls around the map and may hide behind them to await unsuspecting foes.

Zip Line Launchers

As the inhabitants of the Fortnite island desperately try to avoid the growing threat of chrome, they have taken to the skies. Chrome is eating away at the ground and the living things that reside there, so balloons lifting the ground are the best bet to keep things from a metallic shine.

Some of these balloons around the map have zip lines, with which players can skyrocket up the centre of the balloon. In doing so, they will be spat out of the top of the balloon and can then glide great distances to safety. This new mechanic certainly makes escaping an elimination or the storm a lot easier.

Supply Balloons

In the areas that have balloons to avoid the infection of chrome, players may find a brand-new way to loot. Some of these balloons hold up crates and chests that can be looted for weapons and ammo. It’s fun to see Fortnite adding new methods of getting loot to help players get that one step closer to a victory royale.

These supply balloons may not harbour the same amount of loot from a supply crate, but they will certainly be effective after players have jumped off of the battle bus. Arriving on the island against 99 other players will make the user want any advantage they can get.

Chrome Blob Movements

Upon interacting with chrome, or throwing a Chrome Splash at one’s own feet, players will have their entire character turned chrome. Doing this means that they can “blobify” and become a chrome blob that sticks to the floor. In this form, players have incredible movement speed and can use this to their advantage.

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The actions that players can use in this state are de-blobify, dash, run, and air dash. The movement is very fluid, fast and fun. It’s greatly advantaged when the player is in over their head, or trying to escape the storm. It lasts a minute, and they can even prevent fall damage if they dash before hitting the ground.

Chrome Launch Pads

Many locations around the map will house a strange-looking chrome launch pad. These structures are not like the classic launch pads, which have been a staple of Fortnite for years. Instead, players that interact with these launch pads will be propelled forwards, or backwards, depending on the direction the launch pad states it will go.

Players will travel at incredible speeds and will be immune to fall damage whilst travelling through the launch pad. It’s intensely fast, and a lot of fun to use. Players will have limited movement until they land, but the rapid speeds won’t have them waiting long.

Pet Tamed Animals

A feature that many players love in video games is the ability to pet beloved animals. Since Fortnite houses some interesting animals, from frogs to wolves, it’s finally time for players to show their appreciation by petting them. Animals can be a great asset in the game, that is, if they are tamed. Otherwise, they are a real nuisance.

When players successfully feed an animal or jump on its back to ride, then they have tamed the animal as their companion. These animals can be rewarded with a pet, a fun feature, but it appears that it has no bonus other than a show of affection.

Chrome Tornados

Weather anomalies are quite the intrigue in Fortnite. Not only are they fairly new, but they add new and interesting ways to get around the map, and thus, can easily change the outcome of a game’s winner. Tornados were in the game for a while and would destroy areas and anything in their path, whilst also providing a way for players to travel through the air and glide to different areas.

From the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, an ominous chrome tornado resides at Herald’s Sanctum. This tornado is sure to travel through the map and ravish anything in its path. If players touch the tornado, they will be able to glide, but will also become chrome themselves for a short amount of time.

Fortnite is free-to-play on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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