Fortnite Guide: Tips to evolve the EvoChrome Burst Rifle in the game


The Chrome is spreading all across the beautiful island of Fortnite in the ongoing Chapter 3 Season 4. As the gooey-like substance spreads, it’s affecting more items along the way. Chrome is a mysterious substance affecting everything on the island. It’s all-consuming and won’t stop until it has affected all the items. The EvoChrome Burst Rifle has formed as a result of the Chrome coming in contact with it. Another weapon that is affected by Chrome is the EvoChrome Shotgun. Players can use both weapons to level up their rarity by dealing damage with these weapons. Here’s our guide on how to evolve EvoChrome Burst Rifle in Fortnite.

Where to find the EvoChrome Burst Rifle

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The Chromed areas on the map are the best places to find the EvoChrome Burst Rifle. These are the areas where there is a higher probability for the weapon to spawn. The weapon can spawn in the floor loot and the new Chrome Chests.

How to evolve the EvoChrome Burst Rifle

Similar to the EvoChrome Shotgun players will need to deal damage with the EvoChrome Burst Rifle until the weapon changes rarity. The blue bar in the game helps in keeping track of the weapon as to how close it is to changing its rarity. Players can find the blue bar below the EvoChrome Burst Rifle in the player’s inventory.

To go up in rarity, the blue bar must be filled. The process to get an EvoChrome Burst Rifle from Common to Mythic rarity takes some time. This rifle is extremely useful for the EvoChrome weapon leveling up the mission. The rifle, unlike the shotgun, is capable of dealing damage in both close range and long range.

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