Fortnite Guide: Explosive Goo Gun locations and where to find them


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 features a lot of weapons that players can use in different ways. However, all of them have been designed with the singular intent of outmaneuvering your opponents. On October 11, Epic Games released a hotfix in Fortnite. With the hotfix, Explosive Goo Gun and Deployable Launch Pads were launched in the game. Players are unable to find the Explosive Goo Gun and this guide will help players with its locations in Fortnite.

Introducing the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite

After the weapon is fired Explosive Goo lands on the target and after a second it starts burning and soon explodes. This gun is very effective in destroying buildings as the explosive Goo causes a massive explosion that engulfs everything in its contact. 

Image via Epic Games

The Explosive Goo Gun is a lethal weapon that leaves behind trails of destruction. The gun is capable of shooting an explosive Goo in a match and allows you to douse your opponents or objects.

Explosive Goo Gun locations in Fortnite

Players can find the Explosive Goo Gun on the floor and chest loot available throughout the Island. To grab the gun players will have to reach out to the POI which has the maximum chance of spawning the Explosive Goo Gun. Some places on the map which are known for spawning the gun are Tilted Towers, Rave Cave, Sleepy Sound, Rocky Reels, and Chrome Crossroads.

Fortnite Explosive Goo Gun locations
Image via Epic Games

Since players can acquire the gun easily from chest and floor loot, these places also have a good amount of loot. Players should start by exploring these areas on the map if they want to get the Explosive Goo Gun. Also, keep in mind that the bigger POIs attract a good number of players. So, if you are landing there you will need to outrun your opponents.

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