Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Cobra DMR locations and how to find them


Epic Games has released the latest update for Fortnite. The V 22.10 update which is currently live has added the epic rifle Cobra DMR. Since the rifle is a hybrid of an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, it is unique in its functionalities and looks. It is capable of taking out opponents over a long distance. The Cobra DMR has a higher firing rate than the standard DMR which used to be its predecessor. However, the standard DMR was vaulted as soon as the Cobra DMR was introduced in Fortnite. Here, we’ll tell you the locations of Cobra DMR and how to easily find them in Fortnite.

Cobra DMR in Fortnite

The most incredible weapons in Fortnite include different rarities which help in adding diverse features and aesthetics to a particular weapon. The recently introduced Cobra DMR is also available with a couple of rarities. The coolest of all the rarities, the all-special Mythic rarity has also been included. In the ongoing season, players will get many chances to loot the Cobra DMR on the vast island.

Cobra DMR locations in Fortnite

As Epic Games mentioned in their latest blog post, there are numerous ways to find the Cobra DMR in the game. The easiest way to find the rifle is by jumping on the island and looking for it on the ground and inside standard chests.

Image via Epic Games

Since the weapon comes in a variety of rarities the most common ones can be found easily. The best thing about the Cobra DMR is its availability where it can be found in all forms of rarity i.e. from Common to Mythic.

Players can also find the Cobra DMR through fishing. Among the various methods, the two most effective methods are eliminating Loot Sharks and acquiring Reality Sapling Fruit. A Cobra DMR’s damage-dealing capabilities are quite good. It can deal 36 damage to opponents when found in the Common rarity form and a maximum of 46 damage in the Mythic rarity form.

Fortnite Cobra DMR locations
Image via Epic Games

Players will gain the most when they land a headshot which gives nearly 70 damage to opponents. Although bear in mind that this damage figure can only be achieved with the Legendary or Mythic version of the Cobra DMR.

Along with the impressive damage points, the Cobra’s magazine size is 20 and it possesses a firing rate speed of four which will allow players to fire more bullets in a single round. Lastly, the Cobra DMR will help players in getting the edge over their opponents in long-range fights.

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