Forspoken: How To Unlock The Leap Spell


The Leap Spell is crucial as it facilitates the exploration process in Forspoken.

While exploring the wonderful world of Forspoken, players will find a lot of Mana Pools that can be interacted with. These pools serve as points to spend in the Magic category to unlock new spells for Frey to use. Each Mana Pool is equal to one Mana point and every spell requires a certain amount of points.

In the Magic category inside the Settings option, there are also some Spells that seem to be locked and cannot be opened by spending Mana points. That’s because these Spells have a special Fount of Blessing situated somewhere on the Forspoken map that unlocks it, and the Leap Spell is one of them.


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How To Unlock The Leap Spell In Forspoken

breakzombies in forspoken

To unlock the Leap Spell, it’s crucial that players reach chapter three and leave Cipal City in Forspoken. That’s because the Leap Spell’s Fount of Blessing is situated outside Cipal’s walls, in the wild. Luckily, there’s no need to fight any monsters or defeat strong bosses to receive the Spell.

To start off, complete any necessary Forspoken tasks that must be done in Cipal City before leaving, as players won’t return for a while. There are some Pilgrim’s Refuges houses along the way so don’t worry about restocking the Healing Draught or upgrading the equipment. Upon jumping off the wall, Frey will land in a long narrow river that’s full of enemies and locked chests.

mulberry fount location in forspoken

To reach the Leap’s Fount of Blessing, keep heading southeast while defeating the Breakzombies blocking the way. Eventually, a very long purple rock pile will appear, along with a lush green tree that’s shading a pond, the Fount of Blessing.

mulberry fount in forspoken

Approach the Mulberry Fount so that Frey and Cuff discover it for the first time then interact with the pond to jump. After a small cutscene of Frey diving inside a void, she’ll emerge from the Fount of Blessing having acquired the Leap Spell in Forspoken.

How To Use The Leap Spell In Forspoken

how to use leap skill in forspoken

The Leap Spell will boost Frey’s Parkour abilities since it allows her to jump higher while climbing. According to Forspoken’s description, the Leap lets Frey kick off from a wall in order to climb higher. To use it, press the Left Stick + the Circle button in midair. Now the protagonist will have an advantage when climbing tall buildings or mountains. On a side note, acquiring the Leap Spell will reward players with the Call of the Fount: Baptized Achievement in Forspoken.

fount of blessing in forspoken

The Founts of Blessing are sacred spots that resemble a pond. Each one of them allows Frey to jump in it and swim in a void to learn a new Spell. According to the game, the Founts have dormant magic abilities that can be awakened. Not all Spells are learned like this, as some need Mana Pools to be unlocked.

Forspoken is now available on PS5 and PC.

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