Fire Emblem Engage's Four Hounds detailed, Yunaka revealed, plus Thief class info and more


Yet another round of info has come in on Fire Emblem Engage, and today’s deluge starts off with some more notes on members of the Four Hounds, a group of nefarious people trying to revive the Fell Dragon.

Griss (voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda in Japanese): a dangerous magic user known for his violence, insanity, and brutality. The more enemies attack him, the stronger he gets. He seems to have lot of trust for Zephia as leader of the Four Hounds.

Mauvier (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese): a loyal, honest, and simple knight. Among the Four Hounds, Mauvier does come out as the calmest of the bunch, but what is he really thinking?

Along with that is the reveal of Yunaka, a new playable character. Yunaka is a mysterious woman you encounter on your journey. As you can probably tell, Yunaka is a bright and lively person who easily makes friends with people she meets.

Yunaka’s starting class is Thief and she specializes in picking locks, and overwhelming enemies with swift movements. Yunaka is good with daggers, and can even poison enemies with them.

In Fire Emblem Engage, Thieves use a dagger as their weapon of choice, which can inflict Poison status. If you attack enemies that have been poisoned, you will deal more damage than usual. If you keep attacking a poisoned enemy with daggers, you can increase the potency of the poison. The only way to get rid of this status ailment is to use Restore or Anti-Poison spells.

Thieves can even come in handy with locked doors. If you happen upon a locked door on the battlefield, you can smash through it or use the Thief’s class “Door Key” Command for a more subtle approach.


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