Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 10 (The Fell Dragon Sombron) Walkthrough


Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem Engage has some big plot points that begin to move the story forward quickly, and players will have some hard battles ahead.

Fire Emblem Engage has a grand total of 26 chapters, and the 10th one is where the story really starts to pick up steam. The King of Brodia has been kidnaped to perform a ritual to give back the Fell Dragon its strength, and players have once again met up with the mysterious Fire Emblem hero named Veyle.

She was acting extra strange this time around, and Alear is beginning to wonder exactly what’s going on with the magic user. But Alear is too busy trying to get past to blizzard to get to the Cathedral with her new units Jade, Alcryst, and Diamant to worry too much about the strange girl.


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Updates in Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem Engage


There isn’t much new in Chapter 10 in the Somniel for players to check out, but they should make sure to spend some time doing all the things that build relationships between units and between Alear and their friends. Make sure to remember to shine all the Emblem Rings, battle in the Arena, have those Bond and support conversations, and have a meal. Also don’t forget to top off on any heal items use in the last Ivy fight.

Prep for the Battles of Fire Emblem Engage’s Chapter 10


Players have finally gotten to the Fire Emblem Engage kingdom of Elusia in order to stop King Hyacinth from killing King Morion. A warning will pop up before entering the battle at the Cathedral, saying players should be ready for several battles before they will be to return to Somniel. Take some time really leveling, getting items, and prepping the team as much as possible. If players want to level, they should definitely take on a few skirmishes to ensure that they are prepared for everything that is coming up next.

First Battle at Destinea Cathedral


The first thing Fire Emblem Engage players will notice in this epic battle in the Cathedral is that there are three boss units. Each of these bosses is dangerous in their own way, and there are also several other named units as well.

  • Hortensia – The Fire Emblem villain princess is back, and she now has Elfire. Her Engage gives her a bonus against Dragon units, and she has additional range. Her staff can freeze units in place for a turn. Hortensia can give her allies +5 Resist, and she will arm the ballista if the unit manning it is killed.
  • Corrupted Morion has two health bars, and a powers axe with range. His attack is massive as well as his defense, but he has lower resistances.
  • King Hyacinth has a corrupted Emblem with Lyn inside. He is a martial master and qi adept with a staff, bow, and sword. His biggest danger is his ability to hit anyone within 10 squares with his bow at 20% damage with a chance to inflict break. He has two magic users and a healer very close to him. Don’t attack him with low speed units; he will attack twice before a low speed unit can attack once. He has the ability to make copies of himself that can chain attack.


There is a good mix of enemy types with advanced weaponry scattered among them, meaning players will need to make sure they have a range of units and are being very careful of weakness and strengths. Get rid of the magic artillery unit as soon as possible, but keep in mind that Hortensia can use it as well. Players will want to guard their best Fire Emblem flying units from this destructive machine.

A thief unit as well as several other units will spawn at the end of Turn 1. The thief will B-line for the treasure chests, swiping the treasure right out from under Alear and their team if they aren’t careful.

  • The right chest contains a Draco Shield; this item raises one unit’s defense +2 permanently.
  • The left chest has an Elfire Tome inside.

After getting rid of Hortensia and her minions, use the three Emblem refill spots in front of the doorway. Then, head inside to take on Morion and the very challenging Fire Emblem boss Hyacinth. Once the door is open, Morion will start to advance, and the two stairwells inside will spawn flying mounted units. Move forward with a tank like Louis in an attempt to draw Morion’s tomahawk without getting into Hyacinth’s range.


Even alone, Hyacinth is a big enemy; with his clones, he will slam into players over and over again with chain attacks. However, the doubles do not move with him. Forcing him to move away from his doubles, then move him out of the range of their chain attacks before engaging.

Don’t forget the loot for male or female Alear and their compatriots. Players will also get a variety of items from defeat the named enemies.

  • Hyacinth has a Master Seal
  • Goldmary has an Energy Drop
  • Rosado drops a Killer Axe
  • Hortencia drops the Freeze staff

Fire Emblem Engage is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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