Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters May Be Coming to Switch and PS4


Some observant fans discover that the six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games might be eventually released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games may finally be coming to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The iconic titles from the long-lived RPG series were released between July 2021 and February 2022 for Steam and mobile devices, but the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters never came to consoles. And while all but the last two are Steam Deck verified, for those who like to play on a bigger screen while on the go, some gamers are still hoping for some additional platform options.


Created using the Unity engine, the revamped games include Final Fantasy 1 through 6 and feature completely remastered versions of the original character pixel art. There were a few other changes, some of which fans found odd or questionable. For example, voices were added to the famous opera scene in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster and the opening credit sequence was removed. More generally, some of the Easter eggs are no longer in the games nor are the bonus dungeons that were introduced in the Game Boy Advance ports.

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Nevertheless, many gamers have been hoping that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters would make their way to additional platforms, and an update to the games’ ESRB pages implies that the games will be coming to the Switch and PS4. Previously, the ESRB listed the six games as being available only on PC, but Reddit user cefaluu noticed that, at some point, the two new platforms were added to their descriptions. Oddly, while cefaluu captured screenshots of the modified listings, a visit to the ESRB website now shows the games as still being only available on PC.

If the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are indeed coming to the Switch and PS4, despite the fluctuating ESRB descriptions, it now becomes a question of when. December 18 will mark the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, with the first entry in the highly successful franchise debuting on that date in 1987. So fans are understandably anticipating some kind of reveal from Square Enix, and the announcement of new platforms for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, along with a release date, seems an ideal candidate.

Fans have also expressed a wish that a physical edition of the remasters might eventually come out, and while that might seem more like wishful thinking, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise, Nintendo released a limited run of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. And while its subsequent removal from sale resulted in a lot of backlash, the release of a physical limited edition game gave fans a collectible way to commemorate the 35-year milestone.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is currently available on Mobile and PC.

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