Final Fantasy 16 vs Final Fantasy 15 – 15 BIGGEST DIFFERENCES

Final Fantasy fans are always eager to compare and contrast the latest installment with its predecessor. This time around, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16 is being pitted against Final Fantasy 15. With improved technology, updated gameplay, and an all-new storyline, it’s clear that Final Fantasy 16 will bring much-needed innovations to the franchise. Let’s dive into the 15 biggest differences between the two games that fans of the franchise can look forward to!

Final Fantasy 16 vs Final Fantasy 15 – 15 BIGGEST DIFFERENCES


Final Fantasy is a well-known video game franchise that has been around for over three decades. Each new mainline title comes with a lot of anticipation and fanfare. Final Fantasy 16 is no exception, generating a significant amount of hype with each new trailer release. The latest iteration of Final Fantasy will bring several significant differences compared to Final Fantasy 15. Here are the 15 most significant differences between Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 15.

1. Storyline

The storyline for Final Fantasy 16 is rumored to be more mature. Final Fantasy 15 did have emotional moments, but the storyline was mostly focused on a brotherhood of four friends going on a road trip with a prince. In contrast, Final Fantasy 16 seems to have a more adult-focused, political storyline that deals with war and betrayal.

2. Combat Differences

Final Fantasy 15 introduced a real-time battle system where you can dodge and parry enemy attacks. Final Fantasy 16 is not a continuation of the system. It uses the Active Time Battle (ATB) system. This action-based battle system allows players to queue up moves and execute them with a button press. Additionally, players can transition seamlessly between the action and command systems, allowing for greater adaptability in battles.

3. Difficulty Options

Final Fantasy 16 provides players with different modes of difficulty options: story-focused and action. Story-focused mode is perfect for those interested in experiencing the story amid an easy difficulty level. In contrast, the action-focused mode is suitable for players who prefer more challenging gameplay, forcing them to rely heavily on their skillset.

4. Open World vs. Linear

Final Fantasy 16 is not an open-world game like its predecessor, Final Fantasy 15. Instead, it offers players an expansive game world that is more linear. Players can still explore the game world at their pace, but they won’t find hidden treasures and dungeons in the same way as in Final Fantasy 15.

5. Playable Characters

Final Fantasy 15 provided players with four playable characters, but Final Fantasy 16 will have only one. The game’s protagonist will be called Clive Rosfield, the first main character, and his story will carry the entire game.

6. Summons and Abilities

Final Fantasy 16 is different from previous Final Fantasy games. Instead of summons for the game, the skillset will have icons for the player to use. Besides, the game will introduce iconic abilities and battles that stay consistent to Final Fantasy games.

7. Arcade Mode

One unique feature in Final Fantasy 16 is the arcade mode. Players can access this mode to enjoy arcade-style battles with different objectives. This mode is perfect for those wanting a break from the overarching story and wanting to have some fun with friends.

8. New Game Plus

New Game Plus allows players to begin a new game with all their current progress intact, including equipment and character levels. Final Fantasy 16 will include this feature, making it easier for players to explore different storylines and endings.

9. Exclusive to PS5

Final Fantasy 16 will be a new exclusive game for the PlayStation 5. After its six months release, it will come to other platforms. However, the PS5 version will contain enhancements in graphics rendering and processing power.

10. Graphics and Art Style

Final Fantasy 16 features a more realistic art style compared to the previous game. The characters in the game are highly detailed, with their expressions and emotions showcased clearly on their faces. Additionally, the game has a darker color palette, contrasting with the brighter hues found in Final Fantasy 15.

11. Background Music

Final Fantasy 16 has Nobuo Uematsu on board as lead composer. He is best known for his work on previous Final Fantasy games, and his addition to Final Fantasy 16 will enhance the music quality compared to Final Fantasy 15.

12. Battle Interface

Final Fantasy 16 has a simple battle interface that makes it easier to navigate. Final Fantasy 15 had a complicated battle interface, leading to many players taking extensive time just to figure out how to use it.

13. Magic Usage

Magic in Final Fantasy 16 is used differently than in Final Fantasy 15, where magic spells consumed resources. Instead, magic in Final Fantasy 16 will charge up over time, making it easier to use in battles.

14. Multiplayer Features

Multiplayer features in Final Fantasy 15 were minimal, with only a few DLC packs having close to no multiplayer features. While the developers have not provided any information, Final Fantasy 16 seem multiplayer compatible.

15. Voice Acting and Localization

Final Fantasy 16 game developers have promised better voice acting and translation compared to Final Fantasy 15. These changes should make the game more immersive and engaging to players, especially to non-Japanese speaking ones.


The differences between Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 15 are vast. From the storyline to the number of playable characters throughout these differences, the latest iteration of the franchise promises to deliver a fresh and new experience to old fans and new players alike.

5 unique FAQs After The Conclusion.

  1. When is the release date for Final Fantasy 16?

Answer: The game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on June 22nd, 2021.

  1. Is Final Fantasy 16 an open-world game?

Answer: No. Final Fantasy 16 will feature a more linear game world than Final Fantasy 15.

  1. How many playable characters does Final Fantasy 16 have?

Answer: Final Fantasy 16 features only one playable character throughout the game – Clive Rosfield.

  1. What is the difference between the two difficulty options?

Answer: The story-focused mode offers a more relaxed difficulty for those interested in the story. The action-focused mode is more challenging for players looking for a more substantial challenge.

  1. Will Final Fantasy 16 feature multiplayer capabilities?

Answer: There has been no confirmed information about multiplayer in Final Fantasy 16.

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