Final Fantasy 14: The Fell Court Of Troia Guide

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With the release of Patch 6.2 in Final Fantasy 14, a new series of Main Storyline Quests (or MSQ for short) has been added to the game along with many other features like a new raid, Island Sanctuary, and a new dungeon. This guide for the new dungeon, the Fell Court of Troia, will keep spoilers to a minimum while also providing players details about what to expect as they face off against the bosses within.

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The Fell Court of Troia drops Item Level 595 gear, which will be very helpful for Final Fantasy 14 players looking to gear up their jobs that might not be as well geared as their main job.


The Fell Court of Troia Guide:

Before reaching the first boss, players must first clear a few groups of monsters that stand in their way. These small fry enemies don’t do anything all that special aside from the usual telegraphing where their ability will hit. Players just have to move out of the glowing orange spot on the ground to avoid taking damage. Once they’ve been cleared out, it is on to the first boss.

Unlike most bosses in Final Fantasy 14, the first boss is just a pack of monsters called Evil Dreamers. Despite looking like just another group of monsters, players should take care to not treat the Evil Dreamers as such.

First Boss: Evil Dreamer

For the most part Evil Dreamers don’t have all that many abilities. They just have to be tanked and brought down with Area of Effect abilities/spells. Once players have killed enough Evil Dreamers, another group will spawn. This new group will be invulnerable while they charge up an attack that will hit most of the arena. Players should make sure to swiftly get out of harms way and move in to take out the newcomers once they can be attacked. Repeat this process and another group will appear. This time the attack pattern will change, and all players will get a targeting marker on their heads. At this time, players should move away from each other while also getting out of the orange lines on the floor in order to avoid taking damage and potentially killing each other from standing too close together when both abilities activate.

After dealing with that set of attacks, players can safely resume attacking the next group of Evil Dreamers. Eventually one large Evil Dreamer will spawn in the center and begin casting an ability called Endless Nightmare. This Evil Dreamer must be killed before it finishes casting this ability, or players will be instantly killed and will have to start the boss fight over from the beginning. Players will also need to dodge the usual orange attack indicators that appear on the ground while still doing as much damage as possible. Upon successfully killing the boss, a Treasure Coffer spawns and players are able to proceed further into the dungeon.

Between Bosses – Part 1:

Aside from a change of scenery, there isn’t much that is particularly noteworthy between the first and second boss. As is typical for dungeons in Final Fantasy 14, players will have to fight through a few groups of monsters that stand in their way. As ever, these packs don’t pose any real threat.

While moving toward the second boss, players should keep an eye out for two Treasure Coffers that will provide extra loot. The locations of said Treasure Coffers is depicted in the images above. Once the way is clear, it is time for players to take on the second boss.

Second Boss: Beatrice

Beatrice is a much more intense fight than Evil Dreamer, and there is a lot for players to watch out for as they fight this boss. The first thing players need to pay attention to is her gaze mechanic. When players see a ring with four eyes appear around the boss, they must immediately turn away so that they are not facing the boss. The other mechanic to watch out for is when two lines divide the room. Players have to watch closely and dodge before Beatrice’s attack hits roughly 25% of the room. She will repeat this three more times before the attack ends, and poor positioning can result in being sent back to the start of the dungeon.

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In addition to that mechanic, Beatrice casts Hush on players who are fulfilling the tank role for the party called. Players just have to use damage mitigation and heal that player up quickly. She also uses abilities like Beatific Scorn (an unavoidable Area of Effect spell that hits all players) and Voidshaker (which players just have to move out of before she finishes casting it).

As Beatrice’s health drops, she eventually casts a nastier version of her gaze ability where it puts several rings throughout the room. Not only that, but there is a giant orange circle that appears at the same time. So players have to carefully manage their positioning so that they are not looking at any of the rings when the gaze activates while also not standing in the giant orange ring near the edge of the room. If players can manage to stay on top of these mechanics, they will have no trouble defeating Beatrice.

Between Bosses – Part 2:

After defeating Beatrice, a path opens behind the throne and players can proceed to the final section of the dungeon. The only thing players need to watch out for are the flying monsters that spawn in when the other groups of monsters are engaged in combat.

Players will be able to see where they land because it is indicated by an orange circle with a white arrow in the middle. Standing in these are not advised as players do take damage if they are standing in the circles when the flying monsters land. Before facing off against the final boss, players should keep an eye out for two more chests along the way.

Third Boss: Scarmiglione

Mechanically, this boss is similar to something players would encounter in a trial or raid. Positioning is very important as Scarmiglione’s main ability, Rotten Rampage, creates Area of Effect fields that gradually destroy parts of the barricade that surround the arena. He will then follow up this attack with Blighted Bedevilment, which knocks back all targets. So if players do not position themselves correctly, they will get thrown into the poison clouds surrounding the arena and die instantly. When Scarmiglione casts Rotten Rampage, players want to avoid standing in the orange circles as they do a lot of damage. Unfortunately, this is not the only mechanic that players have to worry about.

When Scarmiglione reaches roughly 60% health, he becomes invulnerable and summons a group of monsters called Necroserfs. At the same time, a bar appears on the screen that slowly fills to 100. If the bar reaches 100, Scarmiglione casts his spell and kills the entire party of players immediately. The only way to stop the timer is to kill the group of Necroserfs as fast as possible while also dodging the AoE fields that the boss will drop to try and disrupt players.

The fight proceeds as normal if players survive this mechanic, but they have to be very mindful of positioning as only a few pieces of the barricade will remain at this point. One more ability to watch out for is Blighted Bladework, where Scarmiglione will stab his blade into the ground and set off an attack with enough range to cover most of the arena. Get out of that orange field as fast as possible to avoid taking a huge amount of damage. If players are able to stay on top of their positioning with this boss, they’ll have no trouble taking it out and clearing the new dungeon.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Mac, Steam, and PC.

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