FIFA 23 Makes Huge Hero Pack Mistake


FIFA 23 makes a massive Hero pack mistake that results in players losing hundreds of thousands of FIFA coins in a market crash.

EA recently made a huge mistake related to the Hero pack in the FIFA 23 in-game store as players report losing a ton of coins. FIFA 23 came out on September 30 and was built using HyperMotion 2 technology with a bigger emphasis on realism and authenticity. An Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 was also available, and fans who bought it got the game three days early along with 4600 FIFA points and other in-game items.

Heroes in FIFA 23 are special cards of retired players. Many of these cards feature boosted states and upgrades, and they get full chemistry points when playing at a relevant position. Heroes are a tier below Icons, as those cards represent the legends of the game, but they still offer better stats than most of the regular gold cards in FIFA 23. Now, it looks like EA made a mistake related to FUT Heroes that resulted in users losing a massive amount of coins.


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As reported by VGC, EA mistakenly released a Hero pack in the FIFA 23 store for 25,000 coins or 500 FIFA points. Users were likely stunned at the price, as many Heroes go for hundreds of thousands of coins in the transfer market and some even cost more than a million. Furthermore, it was a tradeable pack, meaning fans who opened the pack could then sell the card in the transfer market for a massive coin influx. The Hero pack was too good to be true, as EA removed it shortly afterward from the FIFA 23 store.

It was only available for around 25 minutes in the store, despite stating that users had six days to buy it. The FIFA 23 market works on a supply-demand basis, so it was flooded with various Hero cards as soon as the pack was released. Fans kept undercutting each other in the hopes of selling their card, resulting in a market crash for Heroes. So gamers who bought a Hero card before the pack was released lost hundreds of thousands of coins on each item. The prices of some cards have bounced back, but they will probably not go back to their previous values.

Players generally get compensated for EA’s mistakes, but the company is yet to comment on the incident. EA is probably still looking for the best way to tackle the issue, as any step it takes will likely have a massive impact on the FIFA 23 in-game market.

FIFA 23 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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