FIFA 23: Best Championship Level Players For Career Mode


Career mode is a popular game mode in FIFA 23, gamers can choose from a plethora of different clubs to manage and sign their favorite players to compete for titles. The English Championship, England’s second tier of football, is a great place to start for career mode.

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The Championship already has decent players, and respectable budgets and there is already a clear aim: to win promotion to the Premier League. To help on this quest players will need to sign players for cheap deals who can already play in the division.


10/10 Giorgio Scalvini

Screenshot of Giorgio Scalvini In FIFA-23 Career-Mode

A great place to start is the defense, and Scalvini is one of the best young players for his position. A six-foot-three central defender who starts at 70 overall and has the potential to grow to 86.

At just 18 years old the ceiling is very high for Scalvini, and he is available for just $3.8 million from Bergamo Calcio (Atlanta). Gamers should be able to get him for even cheaper than that and a loan could also be arranged. His top stats are his 73 standing tackle, 72 reactions, and 72 defensive awareness.

9/10 Luka Romero

Screenshot Of Luka Romero In FIFA-23 Career Mode

At just 17 years old, Romero is a great young player that will be perfect for any Championship club. He plays for Lazio in the Italian Serie A and is available for $2.5 million. An absolute steal considering he has a massive 86 potential.

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The Argentine winger has insane dribbling stats for his age and a 67 rating with 86 agility and 84 balance. He will be an absolute nightmare for opposition defenders in their attempts to claim the ball. Romero is simply a must-buy in FIFA 23.

8/10 Kevin Mier

Screenshot Of Kevin Mier In Fifa-23 Career-Mode

The Colombian goalkeeper is somewhat of a “hidden gem” playing in the relatively underused Colombian League for Atletico Nacional. Starting at 72 overall he is a good enough goalkeeper to start for all the sides in the Championship.

With a potential of 84, the 22-year-old is a great prospect, and he will be a fantastic buy for the present and the future of any Championship club career mode. His best stats are his 72 diving and 74 reflexes and is available for just $5 million.

7/10 Alejandro Balde

Screenshot Of Alejandro Balde In FIFA-23 Career-Mode

Available for just $2.8 million the Barcelona left-back has broken into the team in real life this season, which is reflected in his career mode stats. Starting at 68 rated, the 17-year-old can grow up to 83. ​​​​​​​

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With 83 acceleration and 82 sprint speed, Balde will be a quick member of the defense and is ready for most Championship clubs at the start. With the right training and game time, he will reach that potential in no time. Maybe he will be a Spanish International in the save?

6/10 Stefan Bajcetic

Screenshot Of Stefan Bajcetic In Fifa-23 Career-Mode

One for the lower-rated Championship sides, Stefan Bajcetic is priced at £850k and will be available on loan from his club Liverpool in the Premier League.

At just 61 rated he is one of the lower-rated players on this list, but with 81 potential he certainly has the grounds to be a great player in England’s second tier. With good passing and defensive stats, Bajcetic will make a fantastic deep-lying playmaker for clubs like Blackpool or Huddersfield.

5/10 Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

Screenshot Of Jamie Bynoe-Gittens In FIFA-23 Career-Mode

Just like Jadon Sancho, Jamie Bynoe-Gittens was an English winger who took his chance abroad and signed for Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga.

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Starting at 67 rated, the left-winger has a massive 87 potential, which makes his $2.8 million price tag an absolute bargain. Ready for most Championship sides from the get-go with 86 acceleration and 86 agility he will grow quickly, and no doubt be one of the best players in the division.

4/10 Martin Baturina

Screenshot Of Martin Baturina In FIFA-23 Career-Mode

Another player from an underused league, Baturina plays for Dinamo Zagreb in the Croatian Football League. He is 70-rated and will fit into any Championship side straight away. With 86 potential, the 19-year-old midfielder has the ceiling to be the next Luka Modric.

Available for $4.1 million but with a wage of just $500 a week, Baturina is cheap as they come and with his potential can become a starting midfielder for many years in a career mode save.

3/10 Désiré Doué

Screenshot Of Désiré Doué In FIFA-23 Career Mode

Doué is a 17-year-old 68-rated attacking midfielder playing for Ligue 1 team Stade Rennais. Available for a steal of $ 3 million, he is a must-buy and is ready for any side in the Championship.

He can also play on the wing, so signing Doué offers some versatility. With great dribbling and movement stats already he will no doubt become a great buy and become an absolute wonder beater in a career mode.

2/10 Wilfried Gnonto

Screenshot Of Wilfried Gnonto In FIFA 23 Career Mode

The Italian striker is one of the best young forwards to pick up in FIFA 23 career mode. Playing for Leeds United in the Premier League he is priced at $3.6 million with an impressive 85 potential.

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Although he starts as a 69-rated striker, he already gets a +1 rating if converted into a winger, so he will increase his value instantly with no real work. Gnonto is rapid and he will dominate the defenses of the Championship.

1/10 Youssoufa Moukoko

Screenshot Of Youssoufa Moukoko In FIFA 23

Without a doubt the best young forward to pick up in FIFA 23 career mode, Moukoko is a 71-rated striker, who is quick a great dribbler, and has a fantastic 76 finishing which is superb for his overall. Playing for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga,​​​​​​​ the German was famous in real life for being on the senior side from just the age of 15.

Valued at $4.7 million in the game, but with a year left on his contract, he can be picked up for cheaper than that. His potential is 89 and will be worth every penny as he will become one of the best if not, the best, strikers in the career mode save.

FIFA 23 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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