FF14: How To Get Lynx Of Righteous Fire Mount


Lynx Of Righteous Fire mount isn’t easy to obtain. Here’s what players need to do to get their hands on it.

Final Fantasy 14 is one of the biggest and best MMOs in history, engaging players with its expansive world-building, immersive storytelling, and Square Enix’s fairly frequent content updates. The 6.3 update for FF14 was released on January 9th, adding tons of new content for players to delve straight into, including new Trials and even some new mounts.

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The Lynx of Righteous Fire is a brand-new mount released with the 6.3 Patch and is an excellent mount for players to flex their success with. It is rewarded from the Mount Ordeals Trial at Extreme difficulty. It requires the completion of some Main Scenario quests, patience, and a hell of a lot of luck to obtain. Here is what players need to do to get the Lynx of Righteous Fire mount.


How To Get Lynx Of Righteous Fire Mount

FF14, Lynx of Righteous Fire mount

In order to earn the illustrious Lynx of Righteous Fire mount, players will need to obtain the Righteous Flame Flute summoning item from the Mount Ordeals Extreme Trial, introduced in the recently released 6.3 Patch. The Righteous Flame Flute is an extremely rare drop awarded for defeating the Rubicante, the main boss of the trial. Like all Extreme Trials, the difficulty is amped up compared to the standardized dungeons.

To even attempt the Extreme Mount Ordeals trial, players must run through and complete the Main Scenario quests introduced in Patch 6.3 and then complete the standard Mount Ordeals encounter to later unlock the Extreme version. The Extreme version is only available when players reach level 90 and requires an average item and equipment level of 610 to participate in. It is recommended that players form a pre-made group of trusted friends so that they can easily coordinate their attacks and know when to dodge AoE attacks. Teaming up with randoms in Party Finder can make life more difficult. This boss fight involves complex mechanics and devastating abilities players need to pay attention to.

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Luck and RNG are significant factors when grinding for any FF14 mount, and the Lynx of Righteous Fire is no different. The Flutes’ drop chances are incredibly low. Essentially, players will be competing against their allies for this mount. There’s a slight chance the Flute will be dropped. Even then, there is a chance that another player in the party rolls a higher number and earns the mount for themselves, as only one Flute will drop at a time. Players can complete the Mount Ordeals trial as many times as they like to try and earn the mount.

However, there is still hope for those unlucky players. After each completion of the trial, players will be awarded one Token. In the next main patch update, players should be able to trade 99 of these Tokens in exchange for the Lynx of Righteous Fire.

Final Fantasy 14 is available to play on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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