Fenerbahce Esports Announced 2023 VALORANT Roster


Fenerbahce Esports has announced its new VALORANT roster to compete in 2023, on its official Twitter account.

While Mert “Mykoz” Demirci and Burak “4woodanet” Emirhan from the old squad remained in the team, while the other 4 players were newly transferred. The main 5-man lineup of the team is not yet determined.

Fenerbahce Esports has considerably lowered the average age of its squad compared to last year. The oldest member of the team is ip0TT, who is 23 years old. The two youngest players are 16 years old, and the remainder players are around 18 years old.

Here is Fenerbahce Esports’ roster that will compete in VALORANT 2023-24 season.

  • Mert “Mykoz” Demirci
  • Burak “4woodanet” Emirhan
  • Yiğit “ip0TT” Karadeniz
  • Onur “Padisah” Dönmez
  • Bartu “Best” Keskin
  • Zafer “w0zzip” Güngör
  • Ümit “Omitboss” Boz (Head Coach)


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