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Wordle Fan Makes Halloween Costume Reddit

Wordle fans have been graced by an enthusiast who has tried to make themselves into a Wordle game board. With Halloween right around the corner, fans from all genres of games are looking for costumes to put together to show off their favorite games. From Bioshock fans making Halloween costumes to Pokemon fans making Halloween art, gamers everywhere are gearing up for this spooky holiday. Even word game fans have gotten into the spirit; one particularly crafty fan shared their Wordle puzzle-themed costume for the fanbase to help out.


Ever since Wordle went viral back in early 2022, players from all over the world have logged in to try their hand against the mystery five-letter word every day. Some have even kept with it after Wordle was purchased by the New York Times Games. One fan on Reddit shared the beginnings of their person-sized Wordle board Halloween costume.

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This costume was created by Reddit user ChazLynnn by combining colored pieces of paper, cut out letters, and a 5×6 plastic pocket holder. According to the original poster, the pocket holder was sourced on under elementary school supplies. This Redditor reached out to ask for help in making the puzzle more realistic with proper guesses while still keeping with the Wordle theme.

While guessing the word DRINK after the U was confirmed in DRUGS doesn’t make much sense, the concept is a great one. Players from the Reddit had a number of ideas to help fill in the letters while still keeping the party and alcohol themes intact. These include guesses like SOBER, PARTY, BEERS, the Wordle puzzle answer from January 22, 2022 DRINK, DRANK, DRUNK.

There were also some alternate ideas that included words like MUSIC, DANCE, TRICK, TREAT, CANDY, GHOST, WITCH and other less alcohol-related answers for those who don’t drink or are looking for something a little more g-rated for their own Wordle board. Regardless of what Wordle fans tend to theme their costumes around Halloween, drinking, or partying, this is great idea for a last-minute, cheap, and easy-to-make costume for anyone who loves the game.

This year, Wordle fans will have a lot more to look forward to after October as well. Not only will there be a Wordle board game by Hasbro, but also Wordle will have account tracking across browsers with a New York Times Games login. This will be great for anyone who already has a login for NYT, but this may be a sign of a paywall on the way for Wordle players.

Wordle is available through any browser.

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