Fallout 76: Everything That's Coming With The Pitt Expansion


The online action-RPG title Fallout 76 has come a very long way since the woes of its initial launch in 2018, with a multitude of fixes and additional content being periodically added to the game to this day. Several of the major new expansions introduced to the title by Bethesda have been met very well by the game’s community, and an expansive and intriguing new update is set to come to the title soon.

The Pitt for Fallout 76 is unsurprisingly a central feature of the highly anticipated Expeditions: The Pitt update releasing on September 13. Getting its namesake from being primarily located within the ruined city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Pitt promises to offer an array of exciting new content for fans of the online game.


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Expeditions in Fallout 76

The primary importance of The Pitt expansion for Fallout 76 concerns how it will kickstart the expedition mission type within the game. Expeditions are set to widely expand the gameplay formula of Fallout 76, being repeatable PvE missions set outside of the primary game region of Appalachia.

Usually story driven, expeditions could provide an untold factor of replayability to Fallout 76 due to the unique maps in which they are set, as well as the lucrative and ever-changing rewards that the successful completion of expeditions can bring. The Pitt will be the first expedition zone, but Bethesda has indicated plans to introduce a wide array of other expeditions in other unique locations through future updates.

Exploring The Pitt

One of the largest additions coming with Fallout 76’s The Pitt expansion will be the brand-new map itself, of course. Keen fans of the franchise will remember that The Pitt originally featured as the core setting of a DLC expansion for the critically acclaimed Fallout 3.

The “Steel City” will once again feature in the new Fallout 76 expansion, being showcased in Fallout 3 as a severely irradiated location that caused severe mutations in many of its post-war inhabitants, many of which were raiders. Given that Fallout 76 is the earliest title on the Fallout timeline by a wide margin, players should expect to see a much earlier glimpse of Pittsburgh, most likely one in which the inhabitants are less mutated but the land more fractured.

The Pitt’s New Rewards and Questlines

As a part of the expedition for The Pitt, players can expect a questline that guides the player through the industrial wastelands of Pittsburgh. The story behind The Pitt’s upcoming expedition will reportedly see the player join a conflict between a faction of Pittsburgh survivors known as the Union, against an overwhelming threat of raider invaders known as the Fanatics.

The Union pays homage to the blue-collar ethos of Pittsburgh’s pre-war industry, with many of its older members stemming from the city’s once thriving steel industry. As they help the Union protect their home from the raiding Fanatics, the player will likely have to make a series of moral choices and possibly even get the chance to change sides, influencing the outcome of the quest and any potential rewards that the player receives.

While the rewards from completing the expedition may be unique to the different endings of the questline, the stressed focus on expedition replayability is sure to mean that the player can collect a wealth of loot on repeat playthroughs. The Pitt’s elements could be another step forward for Bethesda’s online Fallout experience, providing an entirely new element to the Fallout 76 gameplay cycle and providing players with another glimpse at a beloved prior location within the series.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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