Exos Heroes announces Memorial Crystal, its own NFT assets


Exos Heroes is a grand RPG game by LINE Games. In the game, players need to look for the missing ancient sword of the emperor or the curse of the ancient Dragon. The game was launched in 2019 and has garnered a big player base in the years of its existence.

Now, the developers have decided to declare the launch of their NFT in Exos Heroes in the form of Memorial Crystals of Season 1 to Season 5 to all its players.

Memorial Crystals in Exos Heroes

Memorial Crystals are the new NFTs launched in Exos Heroes from Season 1 to Season 5. These are recorded in image forms. The developers have stated that these are a token of appreciation from them to their fans because of all of the support they have gotten from them through all these years. These images will not just be gifts and showpieces as they serve as assets in the real world.

Like any other art piece in the real world, these Memorial Crystals can also be purchased for ownership. They can be traded by their owners as soon as they are bought. The values of NFTs keep on changing and so will the value of Memorial Crystals along with the increase in tandem with LUXON and DESPERADO B218’s success. The Crystals are currently marked at an average price of 0.15 ETH and the players can claim them via OPENSEA.

Owning Memorial Crystals (NFT) in Exos Heroes will be beneficial in the long run

Keeping ownership of the Memorial Crystals will help the owner gain “Staking Rewards”. This is equivalent to getting interested in a saving account or stock dividend. They can be called rewards from LUXON because of keeping the Memorial Crystals in one’s own. And owners will receive “Balance Tokens” as periodic rewards for having “Staking Rewards”.

These can be exchanged by the players for in-game items such as currency and growth materials in the upcoming title from the developers, DESPERADO B218. Meaning the players will not only receive NFTs but also rewards that can be used to get currency and growth items in the new title.

Memorial Crystals will be sent out to players who have gone past Chapters 10-12

Current Exos users will be awarded the NFTs if they have logged on to the game between UTC 4/20(Wed) 00:00 – 4/26(Tue) 23:59. And also to those who have completed chapters 10 to 12. If the Crystals have already not been credited to the player’s accounts, they can connect their Exos Heroes account with LUXON. Then visit luxon. games where they’ll find the Crystals in “My Inventory”.

Image via LINE Games

It has also been stated that new or returning players will also receive Memorial Crystals from Season 6 whose content is going to be revealed soon enough too. A new event named Exos Pass Event is also going to be released. Players will be able to obtain Season 6 Memorial Crystals in the event. In addition to Memorial Crystals, NFT is being given by the AIRDROPz too.

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