Exclusive interview: Superlotto kicks off the World Cup in Africa!


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Superlotto has become renowned as one of the fastest-rising stars in the industry, with an extensive portfolio of more than 80 online games and partners that includes the Lithuanian Lottery, Latvian Lottery, Georgian Lottery, Betsson Group, Parimatch, Slotegrator, and BtoBet.

With some seriously exciting plans in store for the World Cup, we sat down with Superlotto CCO, Milda Mikelioniene to talk through their latest deal with GOAT Interactive in Africa, as well the meteoric growth in popularity of Superlotto’s Instant Games. Read on to find out more!


Congratulations on Superlotto’s latest deal in Africa with GOAT Interactive! Your studio has been making a real impact this year – what’s been behind your success?

Thank you! We’re delighted to be bringing our top-performing products to even more players, especially given GOAT Interactive’s leading position on the African continent.

To start things off though, we don’t see it as a success, but rather the result of our team’s hard work. For us, it’s all about striving to be the best and we have been paying a lot of attention to fine-tuning and further developing our outstanding gaming portfolio. We’ve got some super exciting things in store for our partners including working with a renowned film studio to make our lottery, Instant Games and slots even more engaging, as well as top-notch animation and some really standout bonuses.

In short then, I’d put our hard work (and success!) down to our excellent diversity of gameplay, serious quality and highly attractive nature of our titles, which are proving a real hit with players. Make sure to get in touch with us at SiGMA!


Lottery and Instant Games are both very hot right now – what’s been Superlotto’s experience with player pick-up this year?

From our experience this year, we’re seeing a really strong demand for premium sportsbooks looking to get more involved in offering Instant Games, and I’m beginning to understand why. First up, Instant Games are really bridging the gap between traditional / physical lotteries and online casino slots. This means that we’re able to appeal to multiple player demographics across what is, in effect, three different verticals.

Also, there’s no doubt that having easy-to-play games (i.e. Instant Games) allows operators to offer a seriously diverse spectrum of content to their audience, and as a result, attract a wealth of new players looking to give this fast-growing part of casino a try.


What do you see as the driving force between both verticals’ new founded popularity?

As we’ve touched on – it’s all about diversity of content, easy-to-understand games that can attract multiple different audiences, and most importantly (and especially in the case of Africa), something that can offer a synergy between lottery, sports and slots. As we’re seeing, Instant Games do that and more!

Of course, to drive that popularity (and indeed availability), there’s a lot of factors at play. A diversity of content is heavily dependent on local regulation and jurisdictional variance. Competition is key too, especially if you have one main studio that has a particularly strong hold on a certain market. So, to summarise – it’s all about offering an engaging and exciting catalogue that can engage and entertain – as well as offering elements that can attract multiple different types of audiences!


Looking to your multiple certifications and WLA membership – how do you see lottery developing in the next few years, as a stakeholder in the industry?

We’ve very proud to be a member of the WLA – as well as our extensive list of regulatory certifications from some of the industry’s leading bodies.

As someone who’s been part of the industry for quite a few years, I’ve had the privilege of watching lottery grow across global markets, and we’ve got some super exciting plans that we’ll be announcing for the Americas soon enough.

So how will it develop? Well, you certainly don’t need to reinvent the wheel! Lottery’s a winning fixture because of the social element that comes with it, as well as a true feeling from the player that they’re participating in a proposition that is probably fair. What I mean here, is that offering lottery to audiences with a real element of trust means that you need to have a solid format that can demonstrably show that it truly is a game of chance.

So, that means keeping with the key tenets of lottery that have contributed to its success over the past 10 years. Of course, the visual format may change, with even more exciting studios, attractive designs and added factors that can engage and excite but given we’re talking about one of the world’s most famous, and indeed, popular gambling products – I believe that staying true to what made it great in the first place is key.


Last but not least, with the World Cup fast approaching – you’ve got plenty of excitement building with your football-themed games – what has Superlotto got in store?

Despite our beloved home of Lithuania not being in the competition, we have been ready for the World Cup for a long time!

We’ve got some really exciting football games in store for our partners to make sure they boost engagement and incremental revenue throughout the tournament. Not only that, but they’re also fully customisable, which means that each of our operator partners can get our own proprietary football games completely branded in the way that they choose.

As we’ve already mentioned, we definitely see Instant Games being the perfect complimentary product to sportsbook throughout the tournament. For us, it’s all about offering gameplay with super exciting parallels with current events. So, take a football game – boost it during the World Cup and tailor it to the same entertainment fans are getting on-screen, and I can promise that you’ll be onto a winner with us at Superlotto!


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