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Redfall is a highly anticipated upcoming game from Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind popular franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Set in an open-world filled with vampires and supernatural powers, Redfall promises a thrilling co-op experience for players on Xbox and PC. However, as more details are revealed about the game, concerns are mounting about its potential flaws and limitations. In this post, we will examine everything wrong with Redfall based on the available information and share our honest opinion about its prospects. Whether you’re a fan of Bethesda or just curious about the latest gaming trends, you won’t want to miss this analysis. Let’s dive in!


Redfall was supposed to be one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022, developed by Arkane studios; however, it fails to meet expectations. Promoted as an open-world looter shooter game, it seems like a compilation of stale ideas with some RPG elements that are not at all compelling. The game fails to excite players for the entirety of their experience. Here are some of the issues that come with this overhyped title.

Lackluster Enemy AI:

When it comes to an open-world looter shooter game, the enemy AI is one of the most important aspects. Unfortunately, Redfall falls short in this area. The enemies seem to be designed with no life and do not pose any real challenge to the player. They often act as if they are stuck in animation loops, which makes combat dull and tedious.

Unsatisfactory Stealth Mechanics:

Redfall tries to offer a stealth experience with a flurry of weapons and gadgets. However, it falls short on the stealth mechanics. Players can quickly detect enemies with ease, and sneaking past them seems impossible. The stealth situations often become frustrating, forcing players to resort to combat.

Failed Open-world Experiment:

An open-world game should offer a vast playground for players to explore. Redfall fails in this regard with a limited map that has nothing particularly exciting to offer. The missions often feel disconnected with no real flow, turning players off to the game’s entire experience.

Dull Mission Design:

Redfall’s mission design is uninspiring, with repetitive and uninspired gameplay. The game feels repetitive, with tasks that all feel the same and offer no real challenge. NPCs often repeat the same dialogue over and over, which only adds to the game’s overall frustration.

Unexciting Loot System:

Loot is the backbone of any good looter shooter game, but Redfall offers nothing exciting. The weapons on offer feel uninspired and feel like recycled weapons from other games. There is no real excitement to the loot system, which is essential in keeping players engaged in the gameplay.

Not Fit for Single-player Experience:

Redfall seems to be designed for a co-op experience, failing to offer any single-player experience. The AI companions provided are not of any use, and the game’s experience falls apart without a team. Players looking for a single-player experience with a meaningful story will be disappointed.

Technical Issues:

Redfall suffers from various technical issues that can make the gameplay unbearable for some players. Controller problems, AI glitches, and bugs in cutscenes and gameplay are all common complaints. These are evident across all platforms, making the game unplayable in some instances.

Storytelling Takes a Backseat:

In a world where storytelling is considered an essential aspect of any game, Redfall feels like a letdown. The game’s storytelling takes a backseat and is not well developed, with characters that lack any personality. Although the game has a plot, it does not reel players in with any real excitement.


In conclusion, Redfall is a massive disappointment that falls short of Arkane’s reputation. It is a mishmash of mediocre ideas and uninspired gameplay that leaves players bored and uninspired. Redfall is not worth your time and money, and players should consider not investing in the game.


  1. Is Redfall Worth Buying?

No, Redfall is not worth buying. It is a massive disappointment, devoid of intricate gameplay and an engaging storyline.

  1. Are Technical Issues Prevalent in Redfall?

Yes, technical issues like AI glitches, bugs in cutscenes, and controller problems are all common complaints across all platforms.

  1. Can You Enjoy Redfall in Single-player Mode?

No, Redfall is not an enjoyable game in single-player mode as it is designed primarily for co-op play.

  1. How does Redfall fare in the Enemy AI department?

Redfall’s enemy AI is lackluster, with no life and pointless to combat. They often act stuck in animation loops, making the gameplay tedious.

  1. Is there any excitement to the loot in Redfall?

No, the loot system in Redfall is unexciting, with uninspired weapons that feel recycled from other games.

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