Estimating When Each Sonic Frontiers DLC Pack Will Release


Sonic Frontiers is getting some hefty DLC updates all throughout 2023, and update may have a clue on when fans can expect them to come out.

The latest Sonic game has smashed franchise records, and now it’s going to be another big step for the series as Sonic Frontiers is getting more DLC than its predecessors by a long shot. It began with pre-orders, which offered exclusive content depending on where Japanese fans reserved the game, and international audiences got Sonic’s Sonic Adventure 2 shoes mailed to them as part of a newsletter.

Then, it was revealed a special DLC pack featuring items from Monster Hunter would be coming shortly after launch. Combined with the other cosmetic DLC for Sonic Frontiers, it seemed that there wouldn’t be much to write home about in terms of extra content. Sega was quick to tell fans that there would be more coming, and now fans know that three free updates for Sonic Frontiers will be coming all throughout 2023. On the official roadmap, however, there may be a huge hint as to when fans should expect these updates to be released.


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What Sonic Frontiers’ Second DLC Pack Says About the Rest


There are plenty of things in the official Sonic Frontiers DLC updates that are worth getting excited for. A number of features that fans have asked for will be added, like the photo mode that includes taking selfies as Sonic, and it’s implied that a boss rush mode is coming, too. The third and final update even includes a new story complete with new playable characters. However, even though no date for these DLC packs has been shared yet, the second pack stands out among the rest.

Right at the start of the second DLC pack’s part on the roadmap, it mentions that the update will add features dealing with Sonic’s birthday. While it’s rather cute that Sonic Frontiers is getting a DLC update to celebrate its titular character getting older, Sonic’s birthday has always been known as June 23rd — the day that the first Sonic the Hedgehog game released in the United States. This means that the second update is most likely going to be released around that time, and definitely sooner rather than later in the month, if not on that day. This makes it easier to guess when the other packs are coming out.

June is still quite a ways away, and fans may think that a six-month wait is too long for DLC for a game that’s come out in November of the previous year. However, the first DLC will likely come to Sonic Frontiers sooner than that, and if it’s really meant to be spread out across the year, three-month intervals make sense. This means that fans could expect the first update sometime in March, the second update in June, and the third and final DLC pack sometime in September. Sega has already stated that these updates would be scattered throughout 2023, so the amount of time that players have to savor each update before the next one makes sense.

There’s plenty for fans to enjoy in one update while waiting for the other, as well. Just the first update alone is teasing the addition of challenges that are sure to keep fans occupied for a while as they find the best times. Photo mode alone might make a few players replay the entire game over again to get the best shots. However, the full version of the DLC roadmap suggests that everything is subject to change. Due to this, there’s plenty of room for these potential dates to change, as well. Some may come out later, or even earlier depending on how well the development process works out in Sonic Team’s favor. No matter when these DLC packs come out, they’re still rather exciting for fans.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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