Essential Sims 4 Mods For Telling In-Game Stories


The Sims franchise has long been known for its fun and quirky (if somewhat unrealistic) gameplay. Yet it’s no secret that Sims 4 has been a little lacking in the storytelling department compared to its counterparts. Unlike Sims 2, there are no preset neighborhood relationships or dramas, and unlike Sims 3, it was so much harder to go out and create your own; until very recently.

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The Sims themselves are comparatively lifeless in The Sims 4, which makes it much harder to develop exciting stories for them. So modders picked up the slack, bringing whimsy and realism into the gameplay.

Updated on October 8, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra: Organic storytelling without any scripted moments is something that is pretty hard to pull off. This is the major reason why games with excellent AI-generated storytelling end up being widely revered by the masses, with The Sims 4 serving as one such title where players could control entire families and mold their stories as they saw fit, with little to no scripted moments in the mix.

Of course, there are limits to how many unique stories players can tell in The Sims 4. Their imagination can only do so much of the work for them, with the game’s algorithms showing the method behind this addictive madness at some point. However, players on PC don’t need to settle for this repetition — instead, they can download Sims 4 mods that enhance the storytelling capacities of this title even more. The best ones of the bunch are mentioned below.


10/10 Life Tragedies

Life isn’t a walk in the park as The Sims 4 would lead most people to believe. People have to go through a ton of struggle and strife over the course of their lifetimes, which is something that a lighthearted meant-for-everyone title like The Sims 4 would find challenging to incorporate into their game without ruffling a few feathers.

Thankfully, certain Sims 4 mods are here to take care of this situation, with Life Tragedies being a great way to keep events more grounded and realistic. Sims actually have to go through turbulent periods in their lives, dealing with everything from car accidents to bullying. It makes for a great challenge as players have to work around any unforeseen tragedies that a Sim might’ve encountered in their lifetime.

9/10 Life’s Drama

While Life’s Tragedies might deal with incidents that can get pretty dark at times, Life’s Drama takes a step back and deals with more regular pieces of neighborhood drama instead. It adds several events where Sims may have to deal with certain situations pertaining to their relationships with other Sims in the area.

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It makes for a great way to spice up the events of The Sims 4, allowing players to learn the dirty secrets of certain Sims and spread them around to create some truly riveting gossip. Of course, do keep in mind that the person spreading said gossip can become a target of other Sims too if they’re not careful enough!

8/10 The WooHoo Wellness Mod

This Sims 4 mod by Lumpinou is quickly becoming known among Simmers as the new fundamental in telling Sims stories. It thoroughly upgrades The Sims 4’s relationship and pregnancy systems by adding dimensions: players can set the Sims’ preferences on whether they would or wouldn’t like to experience pregnancy and parenthood, and the Sims will behave accordingly.

Partners with conflicting opinions can fight about that. It can influence how they feel about the child once born. Sims in a relationship can go for counseling, get tested for WTDs, have paternity tests, abortions, and more, and they can talk about or react to all of that. They can also discuss their previous relationships, and one Sim can feel or express suspicions about their partner’s friendships. Relationships can strengthen or break down over all of this. The potential for great storytelling is limitless. The mod is truly a must-have for The Sims 4 legacy challenges.

7/10 The Preteen Mod

As suggested by the name, this Sims 4 mod by Itskatato essentially adds an extra (though optional) life stage to the game Rather than a Sim seemingly jumping from age ten to age 16, they can age up into a preteen middle-schooler, learning that they now need deodorant and body lotion to live as their voice cracks. They can experience first crushes and stalk them on Simstagram, or flirt with them and make for great photo ops. They’ll experience moods that their parents can give them chill pills for (assuming the WonderfulWhims mod is also installed).

Players must manually set their ideal age span for preteens, and the Sim will automatically age up to a teen after it has passed. In terms of storytelling, the mod delivers on a far more natural progression through puberty.

6/10 The Slice Of Life Mod

It is an obvious choice that nearly every Simmer willing to play with mods has installed, but this list would not be complete without it. The SoL mod by KawaiiStacie adds an unmatched realism to The Sims 4 that affects everything, from a Sim’s emotions to their behavior to their appearance during interactions.

It introduces MBTI personality types that influence the Sim’s moods and how the Sim functions. It also gives them memories they can think of and share with others. They experience illnesses, colds, menstrual cycles, stomach bugs or cramps, warning signs of pregnancy before the game announces it, actual drunkenness, and more.

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Sims will actively blush when embarrassed or flirty; tear up when sad. They acquire bruises after fights. Teen Sims get pimples and need skin care treatments. They look and act more like real people, and the sheer evidence of emotional range this Sims 4 mod makes possible is great for storytelling.

5/10 The Playful Toddler Mod Set

Toddlers are one of The Sims 4’s strong points, but how older Sims can play and interact with them is disappointingly limited. This mod set by PandaSamaCC adds new toys, toddler features, and interactions to the game. Some of these are very familiar to fans of Sims 2. Like the cribs that toddlers scream to get out of or the diaper changing table.

Others are relatively new: the makeup kit toddlers can paint their playmate’s face with, the toy food truck older Sims can pretend to order from, or the toy phone they can now use to teach the toddlers to talk. Playmates don’t just have to be older Sims, though; they can also be other toddlers. The Sims 4 mod is tailor-made for family gameplays, and the stories that arise from these new interactions make it well worth obtaining.

4/10 The Education Overhaul Mod

Mods have added private schools and boarding schools to The Sims 4 before, but this one by Adeepindigo manages both while completely overhauling the game’s standard education system. Kids can choose whether they’ll attend public school or–assuming they pass the enrollment process–spring for prep school. Their parents may sentence them to military or boarding school (at which they’ll experience homesickness). Each school comes with a range of new homework assignments or school projects, or uniforms, in the case of prep schools. On aging up to teenagers, kids can choose to continue at their current school or transfer to a different one.

Students experience field trips, detentions, picture days, and school dances. They get snow days and summer breaks, caregivers can attend Parent-Teacher conferences, and Teen Sims get notified about standard aptitude tests and graduation. The beauty of this Sims 4 mod is that (particularly coupled with the Preteen Mod) it’s now possible to closely track a Sim’s development through childhood and puberty into adulthood, which allows for richer stories. That’s not even considering the dramatic potential in kids from the same household being sent to different schools, especially if one of them is sent off to boarding school.

3/10 The MC Command Centre Mod

There is a reason the mod by Deaderpool is a staple among The Sims 4 players. Until EA released the latest update to their Neighborhood Stories system, the lives of Sims outside the active household would remain static without this Sims 4 mod, aside from them aging up and dying. Even now, Neighborhood Stories misses many of MCCC’s best features: for instance, it doesn’t let unplayed Sims autonomously hook up and marry or get pregnant with other Sims unless they’re already in a set relationship.

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The spontaneous range of MCCC’s story progression and autonomy is reminiscent of earlier Sims games and makes for complex storytelling. When a Sim leaves home for a long time and then comes back, finding out that the sibling left behind has grown up and gotten a job is fine, but also discovering that they’ve married someone the Sim hates? Much better.

2/10 The WonderfulWhims Mod

Another staple among The Sims 4 storytellers, this mod by Turbodriver adds attraction preferences to the game. Sims can scope their present environment for those they find attractive, and players can set their Sims’ gender preferences by percentage, allowing for slightly more realistic bi or pan storylines.

There is also the option to set the Sims’ preference for an open or exclusive (or both) relationship, allowing for polyamorous relationships or making for great story potential when two Sims with differing inclinations find themselves in a relationship. Because, of course, Sims have the option of asking other Sims their preferences–even NPC ones–and getting answers they may not love.

1/10 The Healthcare Redux Mod

Maybe pharmacy and doctor visits seem a little boring story-wise, but they’re a necessity of life, especially when they precede something worse. This Sims 4 mod, also by Adeepindigo, provides much more than standard health check-ups. It allows Sims to deal with illnesses and injuries that require actual sick days or conditions that require surgery at the hospital, such as appendicitis.

They may experience mental health issues or postpartum depression and need therapy or medicine. There are diseases that Sims can vaccinate against and ones that (on rare occasions) may lead to death. Complications may arise during surgery. Sims may fret about whether their insurance covers treatment options. There is a wide variety of potentially emotional storylines in all these situations.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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