Esports betting – at least take these things into account


Recently, electronic sports, or more familiarly esports, has become very popular among people. Naturally, betting on esports results has also come into play, and we have seen betting companies also come into esports sponsorship. Betting has become more and more popular and this article will create a short and concise overview of what to remember when betting on esports.

What is esports?

At this point, it would be good to create an overview of what esports is all about. Simply put, it’s about competitive gaming in such a way that the rest of life is rhythmic in a way that supports success in gaming. Games can be played both on a computer and on game consoles, but the most popular games are usually computer games.

In Finland, esports has received commendable attention in the mainstream media and it has also found significant supporters, such as Telia. The Finnish teams have certainly aroused the interest of bettors for their part as well. The task of bettors is to find the best way to bet at the best possible betting site. One aspect that must be taken into account in the comparison are the betting bonuses available for sports betting. You should compare these between different betting sites in order to find the best bonuses.


What are the different betting options in esports?

Next, let’s move on to what else needs to be considered when betting on esports. Let’s start with the different draw methods. The most popular betting methods include the winner bet, which is probably the simplest way to bet. In it, the player bets on which team or player will win the game. Other ways are, for example, a 1X2 bet, where you can bet not only on the winner but also on a draw. In addition, you can bet on how long the match will last, etc. There are also league bets/tournament bets (here you bet on the winner of the league or tournament), statistical bets (in this format, you bet based on individual statistics), standard bet (this is surely familiar to many bettors, i.e. about the final results of matches played in a round with the 1X2 model).

In general, it can be said that traditional betting models are also included in the esports side, so experienced bettors feel at home when making esports bets as well. Although there will presumably be more new betting models, betting on the winner will remain the most popular for a long time. Summarized, you could certainly say that if you know the basics of traditional sports betting, you will probably be well informed about esports betting as well. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the field, because you’ll quickly learn the basics once you start getting familiar with it.

Choose the betting site well

As the popularity of esports grows, it is likely that more and more betting sites will offer the possibility to bet on the results. However, it is important to choose the betting site correctly, because there are many types of entrepreneurs in the industry and not all of them are the most reliable. First, you should check what kind of license the betting site has been granted. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that gambling sites operating under the license of an EU country are reliable for the player. For example, gaming venues operating under a Maltese license are familiar and safe to Finns. You should avoid gambling sites registered outside the EU, as there is no guarantee of their reliability.

In addition to this, it is worth checking what kind of payment options the gambling site offers. If there are no familiar and big payment services among them, you should consider whether to use this betting site.


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