Escape Academy DLC: A Juicy Discovery Solution


Escape Academy shows that even vacation time is not relaxing for the cast in the Fall 2022 DLC, as the escapists find themselves accidentally caught up in another villainous conspiracy. Players of previous Escape Academy levels will be familiar with the Anti-Escape villains, who make an insidious return in the DLC chapters.

After the first DLC level sees the Escape Academy cast surviving a plane crash, Jeb and the player become separated from the Headmaster and Gillian. Locating the nearby tiki-themed hut, Jeb and the player try to radio for help, but more secrets are hidden behind the escapist puzzles.


Opening the Tiki Gates

Starting off outside the tiki hut, four large tiki head models can be seen. All four have different line patterns on their heads and are decorated with fire.

The objective is to look at the color pattern above each tiki head and work out which color goes in place of the dotted line. The fire tiki sequences go in the following order:

  • First tiki – Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red (sequence)
  • Second tiki – Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Yellow (sequence)
  • Third tiki – Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow, Green, Red (left sequence)
  • Fourth tiki – Green, Green, Red, Blue (left sequence mirrors right sequence)

Solving the colored flame patterns in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

When the four tiki heads have been lit up with the correct colors, the gate will open, revealing the hut to be styled like a juice bar.

Solving the Jukebox Music Puzzle

Using the jukebox for musical puzzle cues in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Inside the juice bar the player can interact with a lot of things right away, but the first puzzle to be solved starts by interacting with the jukebox. Four musical sections will play, each one corresponding to a colored drum on the other side of the hut.

Unique sounding drums that solve a musical puzzle in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Turning on subtitles in the settings can help with distinguishing the specific music tones if players are struggling to identify the beats, but each drum sound and color can be determined easily enough:

  • Blue: Five notes
  • Yellow: Descending tri-tone
  • Red: Ascending tri-tone
  • Green: Single note

Examining the juice bar found in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

When synchronized with the jukebox sounds, the correct order of the drums is Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. When played correctly, the tiki head in the middle will turn around, allowing the player to grab the arcade tokens in its mouth.

Fixing the Tiki Chairs Puzzle

Matching up the poster faces and chair faces in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

In front of the juice bar are six barstools with tiki head patterns on them of different varieties. The top and bottom halves of each chair can be rotated, revealing open/closed eyes and open/closed mouths respectively.

Poster with different face positions found in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

The clue for which order these heads go in can be seen on the Science Juice poster on the left wall nearby, with the caption hinting it will “make your head spin.” Using the six faces in the poster as guidance, the six tiki chairs need to be arranged in the following order:

  1. Open eyes, Closed mouth
  2. Closed eyes, Closed mouth
  3. Open eyes, Open mouth
  4. Closed eyes, Open mouth
  5. Open eyes, Closed mouth
  6. Open eyes, Open mouth

When done successfully, the access door to the bar will be opened allowing the player to explore further.

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How to Beat the Eruption Minigame

Playing the arcade machine in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

With the arcade tokens collected, the player can interact with the arcade machine named “Eruption!” and play a picture matching minigame. A timer will also appear and quickly count down; when the timer is up three random blocks will be automatically rotated.

It is best to ignore the timer and switching blocks as much as possible and focus on putting together recognizable shapes and patterns in the image. For example, start with the pink hammock, and then the orange blanket for the bikini girl, followed by the beach in the background.

The leaderboard is revealed after completing Eruption in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

When the image is restored, a leaderboard will show. Every entry (exempting the player’s) will show the name SAM and an identical high score.

Inputting the leaderboard name from the Eruption puzzle in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Now that the space behind the juice bar is accessible, a locked door with a keypad next to it can be found, with the only clue being “Name?” All this requires is inputting the letters SAM, after which the door will open.

Making a ‘Bighead’ Smoothie

Ingredient list to unlock the Bighead mug in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

The manager’s office is accessible, but in order to solve the puzzles inside certain ingredients need to be collected first. Look behind the juice bar to locate the ingredients list: pineapple, banana, milk and cherries.

A fruit item pickup in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

The pineapple and banana can be found on the bar counter and nearby tables, while the cherries are on the back wall behind the bar and the milk is in a fridge next to the blender itself.

Getting milk from the fridge to make a smoothie in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

When all items are collected, add them to the blender and a smoothie will automatically be made. It then pours into the locked box nearby, unlocking it and giving the player a Bighead smoothie inside the tiki mug.

How to Solve the Bighead Mug Puzzle

Lining up the Bighead mugs in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Head back into the manager’s office and look to the shelves on the right. There are five identical bighead mugs with blinking red eyes lined up, but placing the sixth one down won’t unlock the safe below.

Fastest to slowest hint shown for a puzzle in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

This is because the animal silhouettes drawn on the safe offer an additional clue, in reference to the tortoise and hare parable. Each mug needs to be lined up on the shelf from fastest to slowest, based on the blink rate of each mug’s flashing eyes.

Since they all look identical, it is recommended to start with the mug blinking fastest and place that on the left. A bit of brute-forcing and experimentation may be required to check the third and fourth mugs are in the right place.

One of two large keys found in the hare/tortoise safe in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Once all mugs are in the right order, the safe below will open. Grab the large key; this is one of two keys required to unlock the other office door next to the arcade machine.

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Unlocking the Fish Tank Safe

Fishtank with different colored fish in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Also in the manager’s office along the back wall is a large fish tank with a keypad below. The puzzle requires putting the colors and numbers in the right order to open the compartment beneath.

Each color of fish when examined closely has a different number of black stripes, ranging from 1 to 4. This signifies which order the colors need to be input in the keypad: Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow.

Using the two large keys on the office door in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Now the colors are in the correct position, a quick count of each fish variety yields the numbers required for opening the safe: 2 6 5 4. The safe will open, allowing the player to grab the second key and open the other locked door.

Radio Call the Headmaster

A look around the secret room in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

The adjoining room reveals that the juice bar appears to be a cover-up, as inside are a collection of CCTV screens and other espionage equipment. A radio is also present, meaning the player can try and contact the Headmaster once they have the correct frequency.

The flight log clue found in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery's secret room

Picking up the Radio Log and examining the Flight Log will reveal the necessary steps for using the radio. The Flight Log shows that the Escape Jet was contacted at 14:36, and the Radio Log shows the frequency used at that time was 450.

Radio log board clue in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Using the pinboard with colorful strings, players can determine the order of levers to be switched on or off. Starting from the center picture with five vertical lines, follow the green, blue, and red cables to reach A, E, and D respectively.

Cutscene of Jeb finding the villain in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Tuning the radio frequency to 450 and switching the levers labeled “A D and E” will show a short cutscene before the villain Dr Nemeth drops Jeb and the player through a trapdoor.

Escape the Basement

Force field found below the secret room in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Falling down to the basement gives the player a 5-minute time limit to escape, but keeping focused on the environment clues will allow for escape.

Numerical clue on the wall below the secret room in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

Examine the message written on a nearby wall, telling the player they have a 50-50-50 chance to escape. Then inspect the middle screen at the back wall; it’s loose and will come away, revealing a series of cables and numbers.

Escape Academy_20221110214600

There are three displays with 46, 42, and 62 revealed, and the earlier clues means all the displays need to read 50. Switching the different cables from one box to another will transfer the numerical value, but the total needs to be split into three groups of 50.

From the starting layout, the simplest solution requires only two swaps:

  1. Swap numbers 5 and 9
  2. Swap numbers 5 and 17

Opening the vent found below the secret room in Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery

If done correctly, the force field will disappear and allow access to the vent on the opposite wall. Inspect the vent and use the remaining arcade tokens to unscrew the cover.

Once the player climbs into the vent, the escape section is complete. Unfortunately, Jeb decides to stay behind to give the player a chance to save the other Escape Academy prisoners.

Escape Academy is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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