Epic Games Store Free Game Holiday Giveaway Starts Today


Everyone loves free games, and the Epic Games Store has been earning a lot of love this year. 

Throughout 2022, gamers have been able to snag some awesome games off the Epic Games Store for free. Some of the best freebie games of 2022 include the Bioshock Collection, Borderlands 3, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Fallout 3, Doom 64, and Ark: Survival Evolved. 

With 2023 2 weeks away, everyone is preparing for or has already kicked off their year-end Winter sales. But Epic Games isn’t going to say goodbye to 2022 without one final giveaway. Or giveaways. 

Last year, from December 16 to December 30, the Epic Games Store gave out 15 free games, one for each day. Epic Games has yet to officially come out and say they will be repeating this Christmas festivity this year, but there is a countdown timer ticking off in the free games section of the Epic Games Store. And the link in their Twitter bio also goes directly to the free games section. 

I think it’s safe to say more free games are incoming. 

Whatever the Epic Games Store has in store for us for the final two weeks of 2022, it kicks off at 11 AM EST. If the giveaway (s) will be like last year, you’ll have one day to claim whatever free game they drop. We’ll keep you posted in real-time. 

In the meantime, you still have a few hours to claim free copies of Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine if you didn’t grab them already. 



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