Epic Games Introduces Cabined Accounts To Add More Protection for Children


The protection of children and younger players has become a necessity in modern gaming. Through a study by a UK University, players have realised that loot boxes can cause financial and emotional harm to children and young players. Epic has also understood the importance of this issue and have released their own preventive measures to protect children and younger players.

Epic Games Store is now rolling out Cabined Accounts, which is a new type of account that has been designed to provide a save and inclusive experience for younger players that use the store. This account will also apply to launchers while it also maintains access to their beloved titles such as Fortnite, Fall Guys and Rocket League.

Here’s How Cabined Accounts will Work

Firstly, players globally will have to feed in their age as a one-time request when logging into Epic Games Store or any of their games. If the player is a child or on the younger side, then their account will turn into a Cabined Account. Once that is done, the players will then be asked to provide a parent’s or guardian’s email address to begin the parental consent process.

Players will still be able to use the Epic Games Launcher, but after their account is cabined, they will need to set Parental Controls in order to access some of the features the game provides. After the Parental Controls have been set up, then the launcher will adhere to the applied settings they have selected and the account will no longer be a Cabined Account.


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