Elden Ring Modders Transform Paldea Region from Pokemon Scarlet into The Lands Between


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Elden Ring Modders have been on fire right now with releases of some of the craziest mods we have seen in the game. Recently one Modder brought Bill Clinton to the game, after one of the fans stage crashed during The Game Awards 2022. This incident happened during FromSoftware’s Game of the Year acceptance speech. Now, the same Modder has gone out of their way to make an Elden Ring x Pokemon Scarlet mod.

The Modder by the name “ArestameJoker” shared a video on his twitter account with the username Arestame displaying the mod. This video went viral on Twitter and caught the attention of everyone. It adds Pokemon Scarlet characters to the Elden Ring world with some Pokemon.

Through the video, the fans saw how their character from Pokemon Scarlet would look in a FromSoftware-styled game. Players also got to see their trusty bike along with the legendary Pokemon Koraidon, galloping away to glory. The bosses have been modded too as we saw battles against Pokemon such as Lechonk, Fuecoco and Skeledirge.

Many players feel that this is what Pokemon games will turn into soon and we for one aren’t against that idea. The fact that Pokemon players would be able to explore a world as vast and sprawling as The Lands Between is reason enough to try out the game. As of now we do not know if this mod is available to play or this is just trailer for what is to come.


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