Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK 1.0.37(Aimbot/No Reload/Health)


Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK: Action games have gained huge popularity year after year, and genre is becoming stronger each year. But if the genre has popularity then genre also has many games and the best one is Action Shooting. And If you like Action shooting games then you may already know about Call of Duty.

Call of Duty game series is one of the most popular series of Action shooting game and there are many games in Call of Duty series. But before 2019 there was no call of duty game for Android, even though Mobile users were 10 times of PC user then also Call of Duty PC has 10 games but Mobile has zero.

But since 2019 Call of Duty Mobile was released and now is available for Android. After the release of Call of Duty Mobile APK, it has gained huge popularity among users and it is a Multiplayer game. You may be shocked to know that this game is released by the same company that released the best game in the world that is Tencent Games.

Ohh, you’re here for MOD APK, right?

Well, enough of Call of Duty APK features, you must be here for the Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK. Call of Duty Mobile is a multiplayer game that is quite difficult to play and just like PUBG you need to be master at this game to kill more and more people. But if you have modded version of the game then you will get features like Mod Menu, infinite ammo & No Reload, Unlimited Shopping and more.

Today, In this post I will give you the direct download link of Call of Duty MOD APK, if you want everything for unlimited and want to win and enjoy all parts of the game and I will also give you a download link of Call of Duty APK if you want to play the game and train yourself so that you could become master of the game and win the game.

Call of Mobile MOD APK v1.0.37 (Aimbot/Wallhack/Unlimited CP)

Name Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK
Version v1.0.37
Size 81 Mb + 2.1 GB
MOD Feature Aimbot/Unlimited CP/Ammo
Updated on January 22, 2022
Downloads 100,000,000+

Download Call of Duty MOD APK Signed & Unsigned + OBB


Download Call of Duty Normal APK


Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK Game Overview

Call of Duty Mobile is complete stuff of Action, shooting, weapons, thrill, suspense and more. The best thing it has multiple modes in it and you can even play 5vs5 deathmatch or even 100 players battle royale game just Play PUBG Mobile. The game also has a social media sync option where you can play with friends just invite them.

Best Ever Game Features

Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

  • Complete Fun Package: Just like other Call of Duty PC, the mobile version will give you complete fun, you can play with friends, Chat voice or text, 3D Graphics, and Smooth Gameplay. Everything in your Phone.
  • Game Modes and Maps: Call of Duty Mobile APK has different game modes to play which are completely Free. All Modes require a different number of players, like battle royale 4 and 5 in deathmatch.
  • Modern Customization: As I said Game comes with Complete new type of characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and pieces and more which you can customize yourself and use them. Get Unlimited Customization with Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK Unlimited Money.
  • Compete or Play wit Friends: As I said the game has different game modes, you need to use skills to compete or play with your friends. You can fight against them or fight with them to opponents it’s simple and easy.
  • Controls and More: Although the game is very easy to play as there are many things which will make your gameplay easy like no recoil, and other but still other players are difficult, so, you need need to take time to master the game.

Different Call of Duty Mobile Modes/Unlimited CP/Ammo

The game is developed by co-partnership of both Activision and Tencent Games and provides you many different Game modes. These are some of the best Modes in the game to play:

Battle Royale Mode

Gameplay with infinite health

If you already played PUBG Mobile then you gonna take some time to get to know about Battle Royale style of Call of Duty Mobile. It’s a bit slower than the PUBG Mobile and you won’t get thrown out of Airplane rather you will be gliding into the Map and where ever you want you can go. So, its Fight to be the first and final in the Call of Duty Mobile Game.

But if you have Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK Unlimited money and cp then you will get features like AutoAim, Increased Jump, WallHack and no spread like more features so that you can win the match.

Sniper Training

Sniper Training is my personal favorite as I love to do sniping in any Battle Royale game. And if you want to get a train with Sniping then I would suggest you use Sniper vs Sniper in the Game which will let you train your hands with Sniping of the game.

Zombie Mode

Any action shooting game would incomplete if it doesn’t have any zombie Mode. And Call of Duty APK will give you zombie Mode. But zombies are not as you expected the are brainless and they are very slow and they also do have firearms, and melee weapons with them. Modded version features like increased speed, Anti Counter UAV, Silent Aimbot will help you to win the zombie match.


Team Deathmatch is my one of favorite Mode in any Multiplayer game. I could revive any time after getting killed this is why I love team deathmatch in Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK.  There are different kinds of deathmatch games like the Capture flag, get more kills and dominate another team.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD + APK + OBB

Call of Duty MOBILE MOD APK Features

  • AimBot – My favorite tool 
  • Unlimited Money/CP
  • No Reload
  • No Recoil/No Radar/No Jump Penality
  • Increased Jump/Speed/Fire Rate
  • CrossHair/Wallhack/Hide Weapon
  • Anti-Counter UAV/Distance Check/No Spread
  • 100% Free to Download and Safe to Play
  • Auto-Update and Sync

How to Download and Install Call of Duty Mobile Game

  1. First, You need to Uninstall the previous version of the game
  2. Then, Download the latest version of the game from the above link
  3. Before Installation make sure you already enabled “Unknown Sources” option from Settings>Secuity
  4. Install the Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK, on your Mobile device
  5. Open up the game, choose your weapon and Fire…

Final Words

I think every Multiplayer and action gaming lover guy should definitely download this game and even if you love battle Royale Games like PUBG then also Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK is only for you. This modded version of the game will give everything that you want to make winning easy and simple.

If you downloaded and installed the game then great but if you want any kind of help in something then you can comment below for more information. And Make sure you share this MOD with your friends as it will help too and your squad can win every match easily.

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