Dota 2: The Top Healers in Patch 7.32b


Healers in Dota 2 is a bit of an oxymoron, but still if you’re looking for the top heroes with some sweet save, we’ve got you covered!

Before we share more information about the top healers in Dota 2, we’d like to point out that there is no such position. Unlike some MMOs, such as World of Warcraft, or even games like Overwatch, Dota 2 doesn’t have dedicated “healers”. However, some heroes also can heal their allies when needed, making them important in many situations.

What’s interesting about the healers in Dota 2 is that they can also do a lot of damage. Some of the options you are about to see below can also be played as cores, depending on the lineup. 

While it is true that any hero can get a Mek and become a healer, some of them have abilities that allow them to excel. So, here is what you need to know about them.


The first name on the list is a hero that always had a special role among professional players. IO is one of the heroes that is a part of every meta. He used to be the best hero to use alongside Tiny, but nowadays, people use him with all sorts of options.

If you decide to pick IO, your main job will be to help one of the core players. Thanks to Tether and the hero’s other abilities, IO can easily heal anyone and even save a given hero from danger when needed. Speaking of healing, this hero has 392 healing per minute, which makes him a lot more successful than the second spot on the list.

As mentioned earlier, some of these heroes can be played as cores, and IO is not an exception. In fact, the ex-OG player ana was one of the first big names in Dota 2 to use the hero in the mid-lane. Despite the slow laning stage, IO quickly snowballed and dealt a lot of damage.


The second spot on the list is for one of the hottest junglers in the current meta. Chen might not be a popular option for PUB players, but the hero has a special role for many professionals because of his ability to push and deal damage.

In addition to these two things, we must remember that Chen is also one of the best healers. His ultimate allows him to heal all heroes on the map, which is why he gets a round 276 hero healing per minute. It is much lower than IO’s numbers, but that’s because Chen’s ultimate has a longer cooldown.


The next name on the list is one of the top-tier supports for some heroes because of his ability to heal a lot and do damage when needed. Even though Oracle has never been a popular core hero, some people used him in the mid-lane to counter given opponents.

Speaking of countering, Oracle’s ultimate is one of the best tools to save someone from death. It amplifies all healing to a given target, which is why this hero has 235 healing per minute. This makes him a bit better than the next option on our list, which can also be used alongside Huskar and many other popular cores.


It’s safe to say that Dazzle is the most offensive support on the list and the healer that can be problematic. Even though some people always pick him as a position 4 or 5 support, there are cases where the hero can go to the mid-lane. In terms of his healing, the hero averages around 232 hero healing per minute.

What separates Dazzle from most other healers on the list is that he can also do a lot of damage. In fact, this is one of the few heroes whose healing ability also deals damage. On top of that, the recent updates allow Dazzle to apply a hex when using his first ability, which makes him even more popular.


Despite not being offensive support, Warlock actually does a lot more damage than Dazzle and has almost the same healing. It seems like Fatal Bonds in combination with his ult, allow him to be way more aggressive than others.

With that said, Warlock is also excellent lane support to have when you have to go up against aggressive offlaners. His ability to heal a target makes him a valuable pick in many situations. 

When it comes down to healing, Warlock achieves around 211 hero healing per minute, which is slightly less than Dazzle. However, this doesn’t mean the hero is worse because Dazzle is mostly about AoE healing, whereas Warlock focuses exclusively on healing one target.

Winter Wyvern

Unsurprisingly, Winter Wyvern is also on the list because this hero has one of the strongest healing abilities in the game. Even though some pro teams used the dragon in the mid-lane and the fact that WW can deal a lot of damage, the hero continues to be one of the best healers in the patch.

According to the data, WW has 197 hero healing per minute, which is not bad for a hero that mostly focuses on the mid-lane. Winter Wyvern can be used with a wide range of core heroes because her ultimate can be game-winning.


Despite not being as popular as others, Abaddon is a hero some people use while playing pubs. Thanks to his ultimate, the option to dispel CCs and heal his targets, this Death Knight has a lot to offer.

In terms of the stats, Abba has around 154 hero healing per minute, which is a lot less compared to the top names on the list. Nevertheless, he makes up for it by dispelling his allies.


The last name on the list won’t surprise most of you because Omniknight is one of the first heros that come to mind when talking about healing. Even though he is not as good as other names, such as IO or Chen, Omni deals a lot more damage and has tons of other abilities that make up for it.

As for healing, the hero has 145 hero healing per minute, which is that bad. However, it is actually less than Juggernaut because the latter has a healing ward that can affect multiple units.

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