Dota 2: The Forgotten Heroes in Patch 7.32b


We take a look at some of the heroes who’ve been forgotten by pubs since 7.32b dropped.

After creating several articles about the best heroes in the game, it is time to take a step back and take a look at something else. Instead of going over some of the tanks, supports, damage dealers, etc., the article will go over the heroes that seem to be forgotten.

The current Dota 2 meta is actually pretty good when it comes down to the number of active heroes. In fact, it is definitely better than some of the options from a couple of years ago, where players only used a couple of alternatives. Nevertheless, there are certain heroes that are just not as popular as others.

The information you are about to see is subject to change in the future. However, since The International is around the corner, it is unlikely to see these heroes in action, at least not in multiple games.

The stats shown below are from Dota 2’s highest MMR bracket.



The first hero we’d like to include on the list is one of the most interesting offlaners. Brewmaster actually received a couple of buffs in the last few months, which made him a lot stronger. Sadly, it seems like this is not enough to bring the hero back to the meta because he is just not as reliable as other offlaners.

Brewmaster is a hero who can easily dictate a team fight’s course. If he uses his abilities correctly, he can disable units and do a decent amount of damage. However, the fact that he can be countered and that he is not easy to master forces people to choose other options.

We expect to see Brewmaster at least a couple of times at TI 11 because some teams will try to surprise their opponents. However, this won’t be a popular hero that will be in the ban/pick phase that often.

Elder Titan

The next name on the list is very interesting and it is for a reason. Elder Titan has never been one of the go-to options in professional or PUB Dota 2. In fact, he has always been among the neglected position 4s because players relied on other heroes.

With that said, there was an exception during the popular Morphling-ES meta. ET was a great pick against the deadly agility carry because his passive ability removed all of Morphling’s armor. Hence, core heroes could easily one-shot him.

Sadly, this meta is long gone, and so is Elder Titan. The hero might appear in a couple of matches, especially if Team Secret secures one of the last two TI spots. However, definitely won’t see it as often as other position 4 heroes.

Dark Seer

Every experienced Dota 2 player knows that Dark Seer used to be the go-to offlaner several years ago. Due to the hero’s incredible farming speed and ability to lane against anything, DS was one of the preferred cores. People like MinD_ContRoL used the hero all the time and even made a name for themselves as the best.

Despite the hero’s incredible laning capabilities and his team-fight presence, DS is not in the meta. The reason is pretty simple — teams want to use a third farming core that can potentially transition into a carry in the late game. Although DS has a massive impact on the game, he is definitely not a right-clicking monster, and he never will be.


This is a hero that we didn’t expect to find on the list because of all of the things he provides. Underlord is undoubtedly one of the best team-fight offlaners you can get. The hero is incredibly sturdy, deals a lot of damage, and can farm pretty fast. Furthermore, he has the ability to teleport his allies, allowing them to escape from danger when needed.

The bad news is that Underlord is plagued by the same problems that have an effect on Dark Seer’s popularity. The hero is good, but the meta focuses on something else, which is why he is left behind.

Of course, it is possible to see Underlord a lot more often at TI 11, especially if some teams decide to use him in their arsenal. However, most of them will probably stick with what it works and try to get a third right-clicker for the offlane.


A couple of heroes are as versatile as Abaddon, but even this is not enough to put the hero in the meta. Several patches ago, this was one of the go-to supports and offlaners, and some people even used him as a safe-lane carry. Sadly, those days are long gone because Abaddon is one of the least-popular heroes in the meta right now.

One of the reasons for this is his slow farming speed. Unlike many of his counterparts, Abaddon farms really slowly and needs a lot of time to become active. This is not a problem if the meta focuses on late-game monsters, but this is not the case.

It seems like people prefer to get heroes that farm faster because this allows them to take part in fights much quicker.


The last name on the list is very interesting and is probably the most popular name so far. Although Dota 2 has had tons of popular offlaners, almost no one comes close to Tidehunter because the hero is just on another level.

He is hardy, has one of the best ultimates in the game, and can easily lane against the deadliest melee heroes. Despite that, he doesn’t scale as well as other top-tier offlaners in the current meta, which is why teams prefer to avoid him.

Tidehunter is definitely one of the hidden gems, and we will almost surely see him at least a few times at The International 11. He may not be a part of every team’s tactic, but those who know how to take advantage of what he offers will put him to the test.

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