Dota 2 Phantom Assassin Guide – Hurl Stifling Daggers of Death in Battle


Hurl stifling daggers of death in battle while playing Phantom Assassin to get more kills in Dota 2.

People are playing hundreds of Dota 2 games each week to have fun online. Players can choose their most beloved characters from a wide range of Agility, Strength, and Intelligence heroes. You can practice a number of unique techniques to defeat your enemies in battles. 

Here’s an elaborate guide to help you kill tons of enemy heroes with ease with Phantom Assassin. 

How to Deal Stifling Daggers of Death
with Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin destroys enemies in battle

Phantom Assassin is an Agility hero, known for her graceful attacks that can instantly destroy enemy heroes in battles. She can walk among the shadows undetected to pounce on enemies and slit them with her blades. 

The melee hero can become a fierce threat to her foes in Dota 2. Phantom Assassin has a way with her weapons that allows her to close in on her opponents and deal lethal blows that can wipe out entire teams during fights in the massively multiplayer game. 

The Agility hero gains 3.2 Agility per level. You can take the safe lane with Phantom Assassin to help her farm more gold during the early game. She can pull neutral creeps from their camps between fighting waves of enemy creeps to obtain additional experience in the lane. 

Phantom Assassin is chosen by many Dota 2 players for her ability to get Killing Sprees in most games. She can slow the movement speed of her enemies and evade incoming attacks effortlessly to gain an advantage in her battles in Dota 2. 

Stifling Dagger is among the most effective spell that Phantom Assassin can use in the game. You can level up Stifling Dagger to get last hits on enemy creeps in the lane without losing focus on enemy heroes. These stifling daggers of death have a projectile speed of 900 that lets Phantom Assassin nuke enemy creeps and enemy heroes while farming. 

Phantom Assassin deals 65 base damage and an additional 70% of her attack damage using Stifling Dagger. She can hurl Stifling Daggers to decrease the movement speed of her enemies by 50% for up to 4 seconds. It has a cast range of 1150. Stifling Dagger has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 30 mana per cast. 

There are plenty of upgrades for Stifling Dagger that can be accessed through the Talent Tree. You can reduce the cooldown of Stifling Dagger by 2 seconds at level 10. Stifling Dagger deals 20% more damage by reaching level 20. Phantom Assassin can hurl up to 3 Stifling Daggers at a time at level 25. 

The reduced mana cost of Stifling Dagger lets people increase their gold per minute (GPM) in Dota 2 matches. You can take out multiple enemy creeps in a lane and destroy neutrals without taking damage using Stifling Dagger. She can deal critical damage to enemy units with Stifling Dagger after leveling up her ulti, making her an unprecedented carry hero on the battlefield. 

Players with quick hands love playing Phantom Assassin to watch her jump on unsuspecting enemy heroes and annihilate them within seconds. The melee hero can cast Phantom Strike to teleport herself to any unit in a range of 1000. Phantom Assassin gains 170 bonus attack speed and 25% Lifesteal for up to 2 seconds after using Phantom Strike. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 50 mana to be cast in the game. 

Professional Dota 2 players use Stifling Dagger immediately after using Phantom Strike to slow the movement speed of their opponents. Stifling Dagger gives the Phantom Assassin a chance to land more physical attacks while fighting enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. You can use Stifling Dagger and Phantom Strike together to significantly increase your kill counts while playing Phantom Assassin in the strategy game. 

Phantom Assassin can gain a high amount of evasion naturally by leveling up Blur. The carry hero can cause her enemies to miss up to 50% of their physical attacks by maxing out Blur in the game. You can activate Blur to turn Phantom Assassin invisible for up 25 seconds. Blur has a cooldown of 45 seconds and needs 50 mana. 

Phantom Assassin can escape from team fights while having low health by using Blur. You can cast Phantom Strike on allied heroes to restore health to the Agility hero safely after casting Blur in battles. 

Her ulti, Coup De Grace, strengthens the physical strikes of the Phantom Assassin. The passive ability provides a 15% chance to deal up to 450% of Mortred’s attack damage to enemy units. Coup De Grace pierces spell immunity, making it effective against enemy heroes who are guarded from magical spells. 

Items to Buy for Phantom Assassin to Amplify Damage with Daggers of Death

Phase Boots

Phase Boots provides 45 movement speed, 18 attack damage, and 4 armor to the Phantom Assassin. The melee hero has a base movement speed of 305. Phase Boots can help the Agility hero deal more damage before the first 10 minutes of the match for faster kills during the early game. The item costs 1500 gold in Dota 2. 


Desolator provides 50 attack damage to the melee hero. Phantom Assassin can pierce the armor of her enemies by equipping Desolator in her inventory. Her physical attacks can reduce the armor of enemy units by 6 for 7 seconds. Desolator can be bought for 3500 gold in the game. 

Phantom Assassin gains a permanent increase in attack damage by killing enemy heroes after purchasing Desolator. Each kill she takes with Desolator provides 2 damage and can provide up to a maximum of 20 attack damage to the carry hero. 

Battle Fury

Battle Fury is an item that provides 60 attack damage, 7.5 health regeneration, and 2.75 mana regeneration to the Phantom Assassin. The melee hero gains Cleave, a passive ability that deals a portion of Phantom Assassin’s attack damage to nearby enemy units in a radius of 650 in front of her by purchasing Battle Fury. You can equip Battle Fury for 4100 gold in Dota 2. 


Phantom Assassin gains 35 Agility, 35% evasion, 30 attack speed, and 25 attack damage by purchasing Butterfly. The Agility hero can easily destroy ancient neutral creeps after buying a Butterfly in Dota 2 matches. Stifling Dagger deals tons of damage to enemy units in lanes and team fights by purchasing Butterfly for Mortred. 


Satanic gains 38 attack damage and 25 Strength by purchasing the item for the melee hero. It can drastically increase the durability of Mortred during team fights. Satanic restores up to 30% of her attack damage with each hit she delivers to enemy units in the game. 

You can activate Unholy Rage using Satanic to increase the Lifesteal of Phantom Assassin by 145% for up to 6 seconds. Unholy Rage has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Players can use Unholy Rage to prevent Mortred from dying in battles. 

Best Allies for Phantom Assassin to get more kills using Stifling Daggers of Death 


Lina helps Phantom Assassin get more kills in Dota 2

Lina is an Intelligence hero who can stun her enemies and destroy them with her spells. The ranged hero can help Phantom Assassin kill more enemy heroes in battles. Lina has a projectile speed of 1000, letting her cast spells in seconds to nuke enemy creeps and enemy heroes in lanes. 

The support hero can cast Light Strike Array on enemy units in a radius of 250. Enemy units affected by Light Strike Array take up to 250 damage and get stunned for up to 2.5 seconds. Light Strike Array has a cooldown of 7 seconds and consumes 115 mana to be used in the game. 

Lina can deal up to 310 damage to enemies in front of her using Dragon Slave. She can use Dragon Slave after Phantom Assassin hurls Stifling Daggers at opponents to weaken them during team fights. Dragon Slave has a cooldown of 9 seconds and requires 145 mana. Allies playing Lina can reduce the cooldown of Dragon Slave by 3.5 seconds at level 10. 

Her ulti, Laguna Blade, deals up to 900 damage to enemy units. Lina can cast Light Strike Array, Dragon Slave, and Laguna Blade to drain the health of enemy heroes in battles. Phantom Assassin can use Phantom Strike to hop onto enemy heroes to deal last hits after Lina casts her spells on them. Laguna Blade has a cooldown of 50 seconds and requires 450 mana in the game. 

Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit stuns enemies to assist Phantom Assassin during team fights

Vengeful Spirit is an Agility hero who can help Phantom Assassin slit enemy heroes with her attacks. The ranged hero has a projectile speed of 1500, letting Vengeful Spirit instantly stun enemies to let Phantom Assassin get closer to killing opponents in the game. 

Teammates can cast Magic Missile with Vengeful Spirit to deal 360 damage to enemy heroes. Enemy units affected by Magic Missile will be stunned for up to 1.7 seconds. Magic Missile has a cooldown of 9 seconds and needs 130 mana. 

Vengeful Spirit can nuke enemies with Wave of Terror to reduce their armor by 6 for up to 8 seconds. Wave of Terror deals 130 damage to enemy units. Phantom Assassin can use Stifling Daggers to restrict the movement of enemies after they are affected by Wave of Terror to destroy opponents. 

Phantom Assassin gains up to 32% bonus base damage while around Vengeful Spirit due to Vengeance Aura. The increased base damage from Vengeance Aura can make Mortred’s physical attacks stronger against her enemies during fights.

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