Dota 2 Patch 7.32b Overview

Patch 7.32 introduced a lot of significant changes to Dota 2 just a few weeks prior to TI 11. What’s even more interesting is that the update took place in the middle of another event. ESL One Malaysia 2022 was the last non-DPC tournament that included a couple of top teams. In the end, OG won yet another event and remained the heavy favorite for TI.

With that said, Valve decided to release the b version of the current update. The idea of this patch was to fix some things from the original one.

Dota 2 patch 7.32b introduces a lot of new things, so let’s learn more about them.

Dota 2 patch 7.32b – General Changes

As expected, this patch introduced a lot of small changes. For example, Valve addressed the problem where some heroes with flying abilities could remove heroes from Mars’s ultimate.

Another intriguing change is related to Shadow Demon. Patch 7.32b no longer allows the hero to cast Disseminate on spell immune units. This was a very annoying bug that some players took advantage of.

Warlock’s Chaotic Offering was also under the radar because there were cases where the ability did not use the 0.5s delay on cast. Fortunately, patch 7.32b fixed this.

There are a couple of other notable changes, so make sure to read the complete patch notes to find out more about them. 

Dota 2 patch 7.32b – Item Changes

Aside from the general things that had to change, Valve also noticed that some items needed slight adjustments to be more balanced. Hence, there are a couple of new things you must be aware of.

Bracer and Wraith Band

There is no arguing that Bracer and Wraith Band are among the most popular items in Dota 2. They are used by all sorts of heroes in the early game because of the stats increase and the fact that they are cheap. Needless to say, every change on them impacts the game, especially for some heroes.

Patch 7.32b made Bracer provide +2 attack damage instead of +3, which makes the item less powerful for STR heroes. On the other hand, Wraith Band now gives 6 attack speed instead of 5, which means AGI heroes will have an advantage. 

The new patch does not introduce any changes to Null Talisman because the item was nerfed before

Urn, Spirit Vessel and Soul Ring

Urn of Shadows and its successor Spirit Vessel play a huge role in the game for some heroes because they allow them to do a lot more damage. Moreover, these items work great against certain heroes that rely on healing.

Sadly, people who like these items will have to be more careful because Valve decided to reduce its cast range. So, instead of having a 950 range for a charge, you have to be within 750. This may not seem that impressive, but it has a massive impact.

Aside from these two items, Soul Ring also received a massive nerf. This is one of the items that allow heroes like Mars to be way more effective than usual. Sadly, those who want to use it will need to have 400 gold instead of 275 for the recipe. In other words, offlaners will need more time to buy this item than before, which decreases its effectiveness.

Neutral Items

Aside from the regular items, patch 7.32b also introduced some changes to the neutral ones. This does not come as a surprise because 7.32 added a lot of new items and removed some older ones. Some new things looked excellent on paper, and it seems like Valve decided they were too good.

Starting with Occult Bracelet, this item now gives +3 instead of +5 to all stats. Hence, the item will be less effective than before. While we are on the topic of stats, Specialist’s Array will give +5 to all attributes instead of +8.

Finally, 7.32d also nerfed the Ogre Seal Totem, one of the most interesting neutral items. Instead of giving +12 STR, this item provides +10.

Dota 2 patch 7.32b – Hero Changes

After addressing some new things about the items, it is time to take a look at the heroes. We won’t be able to include everything, which is why this article will focus on some of the biggest hero changes.


The first hero that has to be included is none other than Batrider. The latter has always been a hidden pick for most pro teams, but the hero became a lot more popular in the last couple of months. Courtesy of his incredible laning capabilities, Batrider is easily one of the best heroes in the mid-lane right now.

Sadly, this might change because 7.32d includes a couple of notable changes. First, his Firefly gives half bonus vision (200 instead of 400), which means he won’t be able to use his ultimate as easily as before. 

Speaking of Flaming Lasso (his ult), its duration is down to 3.5 rather than 4s on level 3, which is a significant nerf.

Aside from these nerfs, Batrider also has a couple of talent changes. The level 10 increases Sticky Napalm Radius to +50 instead of +75. His level 20 talent gives +4,5s Firefly Duration instead of +6s Sticky Napalm Damage.

Finally, Batrider’s level 25 talent gives +10 Sticky Napalm Damage instead of + 6,5s Firefly Duration.


There are many other important hero changes that you need to know, but we want to focus on one specific hero – Chen. The latter was one of the most successful position 4 supports in at ESL One Malaysia 2022, so it was just a matter of time before he received at least a couple of nerfs.

Patch 7.32b does not include that many new things, but there are a few things that Chen players have to take into account. The first one is to Penitence, and is related to the ability’s movement speed slow. Although it remains the same on level 4, it is not that strong early on.

The second essential change to Chen is related to Hand of God. This ability now has 8s duration instead of 10, which will make the ability less potent. Lastly, we have Chen’s level 20 talent, which decreases the above-mentioned ability’s cooldown by 30s instead of 40s. 

These changes might seem harsh, but they should make Chen more balanced.


The next hero we’d like to include on this list is none other than Clockwerk. This was the go-to position 4 for many years, but the hero is not that popular in the current meta. However, the recent updates might bring him back because Clock received a lot of buffs.

Although the Dota 2 patch 7.32 was not that impressive, 7.32b made the hero stand out. For starters, his base HP regen is 0.5 instead of 0.25, so he will regen twice faster without using and consumables.

Clock’s Battery Assault now costs 90 mana instead of 100, so he can use it more often to secure kills early on. Speaking of mana cost reduction, the same applies to Hookshot. Instead of costing 150 mana on all levels, it now costs 100/125/150.

Finally, we have Clockwerk’s Overlocking, which costs 90 mana instead of 150. This is a significant buff and should definitely make the hero a lot stronger.

Death Prophet

The last hero we’ve decided to include on this list is Death Prophet. The legendary mid-laner was a very popular pick a couple of metas ago and some professional players even use her in the support role. However, a couple of nerfs pushed the hero away from the meta and paved the way for other options.

It seems like DP might be back once again because the hero received a couple of buffs in 7.32d. First, her Crypto Swarm now costs80/90/100/110 mana instead of 80/95/110/125. Hence, the hero will be able to spam it a lot more often.

DP’s Spirit Syphon now deals 20 more damage per second on level 4, so the hero should have even more kill potential. The ability also deals slightly more damage in the first three levels.

One of the most interesting changes to DP is her Exorcism which now costs 50 mana less than before. 50 mana is not that much for an INT hero, but we have to remember that many people get tanky items so that they can survive during teamfights. Hence, this is definitely a welcomed change.

Lastly, we have Death Prophet’s Silence. The latter’s projectile speed is now 1200 instead of 1000, so she should be able to land silenes much faster. Enemy heroes won’t be able to dodge them as easily as before.

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