Dota 2: 7.32b Worst Heroes to Pick


After covering some of the best heroes in 7.32b so far, it is time to take an in-depth look at the worst ones. Some regional TI qualifiers are already over, so we have even more data to work with.

The heroes you are about to see below are there because of their win rate. The fact that they are on the list doesn’t mean they are not worth it, but you must be more careful when picking them. Similar to the previous article, we will use the data from DotaBuff because it is updated regularly.


The first hero on the list may surprise some of you, but those who’ve played after 7.32b know why Broodmother is here. Even though this hero has a lot of firepowers and can easily carry her team, Brood has way too many counters.

Heroes like Sand King and LC might not be hot in the current meta, but they can make Brood’s life a living hell. Furthermore, most of the pro teams focus on having one strong carry and a lineup that allows them to push. Although Brood is great for pushing towers, the hero requires too much farm, which is a con.

With a little over a 42% win rate, Broodmother is one of the worst heroes in Dota 2. We didn’t expect this to be the case because 7.32b introduced a lot of changes to the hero. Aside from the extra bonus movement speed, Insatiable Hunger now provides 12 bonus damage every 1s and has an extra 2s duration if the hero gets a shard.

Brood’s Spin Webs provided less movement speed, but it improved the hero’s turn rate by 0.2. There were also loads of changes to the hero’s talents, as well as a boost to Silken Bola, which now increases the miss chance by 55%.

Nature’s Prophet

Prior to 7.32b, Nature’s Prophet was actually one of the best heroes in the game. He had a crucial role in pubs, and many pro players always used him. Aside from Arteezy, the hero also helped teams like BetBoom win a lot of matches. 

To be honest, we are surprised by the hero’s low win rate for the past week, because 7.32 didn’t change a lot of things. In fact, the new only had one change and it was to Furion’s shard.

The new Shard grants the hero a unique ability (Curse of the Oldgrowth). When used, Furion will apply a curse to all heroes within a 1200 range that are not invisible and reveal them from the fog of war. Furthermore, this curse will slow them down and deal damage based on how many trees (treants also count as trees) are near them. Each tree will deal 15 damage and inflict a 7% slow. This ability has 20 seconds cooldown, lasts for 6 seconds, and costs 80 mana.

Following 7.32, the subsequent patch gave Nature’s Prophet a buff to his base attack time. Instead of being 1.7, it is down to 1.5. Sadly, even this was not enough to increase the hero’s win rate. According to DotaBuff, Furion has around 44% win rate.

Templar Assassin

Oh boy, if there is a hero that you will be surprised to find on the list, it has to be Templar Assassin. This was probably the most dominant mid-laner since TI 5 when Leshrac was the king. Templar Assassin’s incredible farming speed, absurd amounts of damage and hardiness made the hero the preferred option for pro and casual players alike.

Despite the many small nerfs, the hero continued to be the go-to option for most players. Many pro teams use the midder even today, but it seems like TA’s win rate is just a fraction of it once was. The hero has around 44.40% win rate, which is significantly lower than before.

TA didn’t receive as many changes as other popular heroes in 7.32 because her popularity was already declining. In fact, the hero received a buff to Refraction because the ability’s mana cost was lower for the first three levels. 


Batrider used to be one of the preferred offlaners and even position 4 heroes many years ago. However, some of the best pro teams in the world have started using him in the mid-lane because he is one of the best 1v1 heroes in the game. Bzm is probably one of the first names that come to mind because he and his Batrider have helped OG a lot.

One of the main reasons for Batrider’s low win rate (around 45%) is because of the recent nerfs in 7.32b. Before this patch, 7.32 introduced a lot of buffs and quickly made him the new king of the mid lane.

Sticky Napalm inflicted damage when applied, which had a massive impact on Batrider’s farming speed and his ability to secure solo kills. On top of that, using a refresher while having Firefly refreshed the ability’s duration.

It seems like Valve was not happy with the changes because the company decided to nerf the hero in 7.32b. Although Sticky Napalm hasn’t changed, Firefly now provides 200 less vision than before and Flamig Lasso casts 3.5s instead of 4s. There are also a couple of changes to his talents, and it seems like those things have a negative effect on the hero’s win rate.

Monkey King

The last hero on the list is Yuragi’s favorite Monkey King. This is a hero that has been on and off the meta ever since he became available in Dota 2. Although the hero is usually in the carry role, some pro teams and pub players use him in the support position.

Like a few other names on the list, MK only received a couple of changes in 7.32. The most significant one was to the hero’s Shard, which now allows him to move to the opposing end of his staff when he uses Boundless Strike. In other words, MK can chase or escape danger even easier than before.

7.32b did not bring any changes to the table, but it seems like the hero is not as strong as before, at least according to the stats. It will be interesting to see if this trend will continue in the future.


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