Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Yellow Bromeliad

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a variety of different biomes to unlock and explore. While these new areas allow players to see different characters in the game, they also are home to new plants, fruits, and vegetables. This means that for some players, certain ingredients will remain out of reach until they have progressed further in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This is the case for those who find themselves unable to locate the Yellow Bromeliad. This small, yellow plant is only accessible if players unlock a particular biome. For those looking to track down the Yellow Bromeliad, this guide is here to help.


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Where to Locate the Yellow Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Yellow Bromeliad can only be found in the Sunlit Plateau. This is the area that is located to the West of the player’s home in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but, as with other areas in the game, it requires some progression through the story before it can be purchased. Between players and purchasing biomes stands a handful of quests, including unlocking the Dream Castle as well as purifying the Friendship Tower in the Peaceful Meadow.

Unfortunately, this area is one of the more expensive in the game to unlock, with a price of 7,000 Dreamlight. Players can purchase it at any point past the repairing of the Friendship Tower in the Peaceful Meadow, but Dazzle Beach (1,000), the Forest of Valor (3,000), and the Glade of Trust (5,000) require much less of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Dreamlight currency. None of these have this particular flower, but each have their own quests and characters for players to complete and meet.

How to Find and Use the Yellow Bromeliad?

The Yellow Bromeliad grows around the Sunlight Plateau and appears like a small green bush with a single yellow flower at its top. As with other flowers, the Yellow Bromeliad can be foraged by picking it up, and it will regrow after a short period of in-game time has progressed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t factor into any of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s recipes.

Those looking to earn gold off of this flower can head to any of Goofy’s stalls they have revived and can exchange one flower for 73 Star Coins. Other than this, flowers are also useful as gifts to the characters around Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is important to note that there is a chance each day that a character will have this listed as a special gift, and it will grant even more friendship points in exchange.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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