Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Turns Adventure Time’s BMO Into a Backpack


A Disney Dreamlight Valley player creates a backpack that looks like the adorable robot from the hit animated series Adventure Time.

A Disney Dreamlight Valley fan made a backpack that looks like the Adventure Time character BMO. Players of the life sim are able to customize a large number of things, including clothing. Many gamers have made custom outfits in Disney Dreamlight Valley and have been creating some amazing pieces since the game became available through Early Access.

One way players like to customize their outfits is to emulate characters from a number of popular franchises. This has led to amazing dresses in Disney Dreamlight Valley that perfectly capture the essence of various characters quite well. One gamer even made a backpack that is a great homage to one of the cutest cast members from Adventure Time.


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A Redditor known as Positive-Plankton405 posted an image of a backpack that they made. The piece was made to look like BMO from Adventure Time and captures the character quite well. The work includes the screen that BMO’s face would be projected on, as well as the various buttons that can be found on his body. The backpack is the perfect shade of green and does look like Positive-Plankton405 is carrying the Adventure Time character on their back.

A number of Adventure Time fans have been showing their love for the backpack on Reddit, with a number of them stating that they think it is cute. Users are mentioning that the piece makes them wish that Disney Dreamlight Valley had a way to share patterns so they can make it themselves. A few commenters did say that they either owned or saw a backpack like this in stores when they were younger, with some saying that they always wanted one. The piece looks amazing and captures the cuteness of the character quite well.

Postive-Plankton405’s backpack is a good example of how creative players can be in Disney Dreamlight Valley when it comes to creating custom clothing and accessories. According to the user, they had to use a mix of pieces from other character patterns in order to get BMO to look right, showcasing their ingenuity when it comes to making objects in the game. It also shows a bit of patience and dedication, as creating such unique items in the life sim is not easy. Hopefully more tools, as well as the ability to share patterns, will be added to the game in the future. Until then, gamers like Positive-Plankton405 will have to continue to work outside the box to make such unique items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available through Early Access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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