Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Rice

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Exploring the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley will result in players having access to various ingredients, thus it’s impossible not to discover new recipes. The magical world is filled with multiple biomes, and each one has its own unique materials that can’t be found anywhere else.

Rice can only be found in the Glade of Trust. It’s the biome on the left side of the Peaceful Meadows in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s not exactly an early game area, since it costs a decent amount of Dreamlight to be unlocked.


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How To Get Rice In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Rice can be bought from Goofy’s shop once players open it in the Glade of Trust. One bag of Rice Seed costs 35 Star Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Upon planting the seeds, they need 50 minutes to grow.

Like any ingredient, Rice can be used in many recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley with various rarity:

Dish Ingredients Energy
Fish Creole
  • Any Fish
  • Any Vegetable
  • Garlic
  • Rice
  • Tomato
+822 or more
Fish Risotto +939 or more
Fugu Sushi +3261 or more
Kappa Maki +462 or more
Lancetfish Paella
  • Lancetfish
  • Shrimp
  • Any Seafood
  • Tomato
  • Rice
+4550 or more
Maguro Sushi +1206 or more
Maki +471 or more
Sake Maki +1101 or more
Sake Sushi +1000 or more
Sushi +405 or more
Tekka Maki +984 or more
Teriyaki Salmon
  • Salmon
  • Soya
  • Rice
  • Ginger
  • Sugarcane
+1726 or more

Some of these Disney Dreamlight Valley dishes are impossible to cook early on, as the requested ingredients can only be acquired in late-game areas. Also, many of the meals have some kind of fish in them, so hanging out with a friend that has a Fishing Bonus will greatly increase the number of fish when collecting. Having a high friendship level with said character also helps.

There are no specific characters that have a Fishing Bonus, so it’s the player’s choice. Upon reaching level two with any character in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Saviors will have the choice to pick a Hangout Bonus.

How To Unlock Glade Of Trust In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To Unlock the Glade of Trust in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to pay Merlin 5,000 Dreamlight. Glade of Trust is right next to Peaceful Meadows and, like any other biome, it has a different atmosphere, characters, and ingredients.

One part of it is inaccessible as there are Mushrooms blocking the way. The Powerful Wizard Merlin must upgrade players’ Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley to remove the Mushrooms.

Other than the fact that Rice will become available from Goofy’s Stall along with other materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mother Gothel from Tangled will be introduced as a new character. Completing her quest will save the Glade of Trust from the Forgetting and reveals the Ruler’s identity that once ruled the valley and then disappeared.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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