Did you know there are esports themed casino games?


There are an unfathomable number of different casino games in the world, and yet more and more different ones are constantly being added. There are also numerous different casino game themes, from the Wild West to space and from the Middle Ages to horror. Despite this, video games and esports are themes that are rarely seen in a casino. This does not mean that there are no casino games on these themes. It’s just that they aren’t quite as easy to find.

Of course, esports itself is not yet a common theme for casino games. Even so, when we start to investigate in more detail, a surprising number of different casino games have been created from popular esports games. Most of these casino games are not available in the Nordic countries, but even Finland’s best online casinos can surprise you, as some of these options are also available and playable on their websites. We have compiled a list of a few below

About an esports themed casino game that is also occasionally available in Finland.

Champion Arena

Champion Arena is the newest casino game on this list, and it’s visuals and various elements have been created to closely resemble Apex Legends. It is a slot game made in a fairly general style, but the bonus spins are highlighted in this game. It is difficult to get big wins from the game, but with the help of the bonus spins, there should be no shortage of smaller wins. Champion Arena is not the best executed casino game on this list, but it can still be clearly connected to Apex Legends.

Battle Shop

Battle Shop is a Dota2 themed slot game. It is a very ordinary slot game, the appearance and visuals of which are emphasized with graphics suitable for the Dota 2 game. The graphics of this game are indeed one of the best of the games on this list, and the game can clearly be connected to the Dota 2 game. Although it is a regular slot game, there is a chance to get high multipliers. This means that the player can get their winnings up to 25x larger than from other slot games.



The Ninjas in Pajamas and CSGO themed slot game has been made in collaboration with Betway, which is the main partner of the esports team in question. The NIP CSGO Slot game has received attention internationally, among other things, because it has been one of the first major factors that unite the esports and casino worlds. Although it is a standard slot game, the graphics have been ingeniously combined with the Ninjas in Pajamas organization. The main thing was about any graphics or feature, whether visually or based on its name, it reminds of the connection of the game to the NIP organization.

CounterPunch Pro

CounterPunch Pro is also a CSGO themed casino game where the main focus is on graphics. It’s a slot game where you can choose a double or a receipt for each win.

This is a rather rare element in casino games, but on the other hand it is great for people who are interested in gambling.

One Shot Multiplier

One Shot Multiplier is also a Finnish casino game, which is slightly different from the other casino games on the list, which are mainly slot games. In the One Shot Multiplier game, three targets appear in front of the player, from which he must shoot one. One of the targets is the enemy, the other two are hostages. If the player hits the enemy, he wins money. This is a single round of One Shot Multiplier and a single game can last up to nine rounds. In each round, the idea is the same, but the probability of hitting a hostage increases.

Loot Luck

The Loot Luck casino game has been created to resemble the theme of Player Unknown’s Battleground game, i.e. more familiarly, PUBG. It’s a completely normal slot game, with every single visual element made to resemble PUBG-related things. The only difference between Loot Luck and other slot games, apart from the graphics, is that Loot Luck has a higher probability of getting free spins mid-game. In other words, Loot Luck is suitable for those people who enjoy just watching


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