Did you know there are CSGO themed casino games?


Video games are a rare theme in casinos, and when a video game appears in casinos, it is not supposed to be CSGO. Because of this, it will come as a surprise to many that there are actually two different CSGO themed casino games. One of these is One Shot Multiplier and the other is NIP CSGO Slot. From the names of both games mentioned above, it is already possible to conclude that this is not necessarily an ordinary boring casino game.

Both One Shot Multiplier and NIP CSGO Slot are actually exclusive games that can only be played at Betway Casino. If you want to compare Betway and other similar casinos with each other, this is possible on Kasinosivustoni.com. This will also help you find other casinos where you can find video game themed casino games.

So how do CSGO-themed casino games differ from other casino games? Are they otherwise the same as the others, but only the graphics change? Let’s take a closer look at what kind of casino games One Shot Multiplier and NIP CSGO Slot really are.

One Shot Multiplier

One Shot Multiplier is currently the only CSGO-themed casino game that can be played from Finland. It is Betway’s own casino game, which is very different in concept from most other games in Finland. It is not a typical slot game where different colorful fruits rotate on the screen and where you try to get combinations of similar patterns. One Shot Multiplier is more of a game where you have to find the right option.

When a person starts the game, three targets appear in front of him, of which he must shoot one. One of the characters is the enemy and the other three are hostages or otherwise just innocent characters. If the player manages to shoot the enemy out of the four characters, he wins money for himself. This is always one round of One Shot Multiplier.


A single game can last up to nine rounds, but it can also be stopped at any time after any round. Each round is the same and you can only enter the next round if you have shot an enemy in the previous round. If the player hits a hostage or a victim, it’s game over. The further you continue the game, the bigger the winnings are also possible. Of course, each round is also always more difficult than the previous one.

A somewhat surprising feature of the One Shot Multiplier game is that it is possible to choose the difficulty level from three different options: Easy, Medium and Hard. On easy difficulty, the game has a higher probability of winning money, but the amount of money itself is small. If the level of difficulty is normal, things are 50/50, so to speak. On the hard difficulty level, the winning amounts are really high, but winning is also significantly more difficult than on the other two levels of difficulty.


Ninjas in Pajamas, a well-known Swedish electronic sports organization, has its own casino game that can only be played at Betway. Although the game in question is currently not possible to play in Finland, it has received a lot of international attention. Ninjas in Pajamas managed to get its own game thanks to the fact that Betway has been one of the main sponsors of the organization for several years.

The NIP CSGO Slot game is a significantly more conventional casino game than the One Shot Multiplier game. It is a standard slot game that mainly revolves around the CSGO theme. The logo of the NIP organization is constantly visible in the game, but other than that and the name of the game, it is difficult to connect the game in question to that particular organization. The goal in this game is to get combinations of similar patterns, as a result of which it is possible to win money.

Internationally, the NIP CSGO Slot game has received a lot of positive feedback. The game has been praised, among other things, because it brings the casino world and electronic sports Followers closer together. In addition, Betway has received praise for the game because of their way of honoring a successful eSports organization in a way that others have not done before. So, in general, NIP CSGO Slot has received a really positive reception for being just a regular casino game.


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