Did You Know Gaming covers Star Fox Armada, Retro's unsuccessful Wii U pitch


In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at Star Fox Armada. This game was pitched internally at Retro Studios, which if successful would have released on the Wii U. Unfortunately the Armada pitch was unsuccessful, with the game joining the legions of other Nintendo games that were rejected, cancelled, or lost.

The original plan was to use a visual approach that was very similar to the puppet designs that Nintendo used in promotional artwork and more for the original Star Fox. The game itself would have taken place after Star Fox 64 timeline-wise, and was being approached as a reboot for the franchise.

This game would have let Fox walk around inside the Great Fox, which is where you could select missions, interact with crew members, purchase upgrades and more. Once you left the Great Fox, all action would remain in-Arwing, and there would be various main and side-missions to tackle.

As for controls, main gameplay would take place on the TV screen while the GamePad would feature the ship’s control panel, show current mission info, and show which parts of the ship were damaged. You could tap icons on the GamePad screen to repair these portions of the ship. In co-op, one player would use a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, while the other would use the GamePad.


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