Diablo Immortal: Brogoth Location and How to Beat


Part of what makes any Diablo game unique is its replayability, especially with its procedural nature and ever-increasing difficulty. In Diablo Immortal, players are treated to a Diablo experience that isn’t just a prequel to Diablo 3 but rather encapsulates popular franchise concepts in a portable manner. For instance, players looking for a challenge to prepare for a tough boss fight might want to look for Elite enemies, with the Brogoth serving as one such example.

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In Diablo Immortal, the Brogoth is a hulking giant with spikes emanating from its bloodied body. Taking a form almost twice the size of a regular human, this Diablo monster is a horrifying opponent to face when unprepared. Thankfully, players who study the Brogoth well enough may be able to secure the advantage.

On Rare Enemies

Given its nature as an action RPG, the Diablo franchise is notable for featuring quite a number of enemies in its repertoire. Such is also the case with Diablo Immortal, which adds more enemy types due to its replayable nature. Aside from the likes of Regular Mobs and Story Bosses, the game has frequent ultra-powerful World Bosses and ultra-rare Goblins that players can find and defeat for valuable loot.

However, perhaps lying in the middle in terms of enemy encounters are Rare Enemies. As their name suggests, Rare Enemies are often difficult to find, especially since they come in different variants. With their “color” denoted by the skull beside their name, players can easily identify the rarity “level” of a mob and the kind of items they drop. For reference:

  • Blue: These signify enemies that are more powerful than common foes and may also possess Magic Gear or blue-colored equipment. Players who are testing out builds such as the Cyclone Strike Monk may try to use them on these enemies first.
  • Purple: These are much more powerful than blue-types and may possess much stronger and more potent Magic Gear when defeated.
  • Yellow: These denote enemies that can provide Rare Gear or yellow-colored equipment. They are significantly rarer and more powerful than purple types.
  • Orange: These are almost mini-bosses that can drop Legendary Gear and, as such, possess rather remarkable stats compared to their counterparts.

On Unique Monsters

Aside from the fact that enemies can be separated by color in Diablo Immortal, they also use Diablo 3’s classification system. In the context of the Brogoth, it is classified as a Unique Monster. This is a type of Elite Monster, or an above-average creature, that often comes as a singular-empowered creature with a unique name, perfect for testing broken Diablo Immortal builds.

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Uniques usually come with a group of weaker allies or may come alone as a decent mini-boss. While not necessarily a World Boss in terms of strength, they are still challenging foes to face should players find themselves rather unprepared for the encounter.

Wanted: Kill Brogoth

Players hoping to encounter the Purple Unique monster that is Brogoth could hope to encounter it within the Frozen Tundra, primarily near the Plains of Blood Waypoint. They simply need to head northeast from the waypoint and go to the right edge of the map until they encounter a deep right corridor just under the “Plains of Blood” signage on the World Map display.

They know they’re in the right location once a new Event Notification appears and says “Wanted: Kill Brogoth.” This prompts a Wanted Quest that rewards players for killing the creature, which Diablo Immortal gamers shouldn’t skip out on.

Spawning Brogoth

Of course, since Brogoth is a Purple Unique, there’s always the chance of the creature not appearing. In these instances, players can do the following to have the enemy appear ready for combat:

  • Revisit the area: Players looking for Brogoth can simply need to exit the area and return again, as it may spawn in the zone right away.
  • Wait a couple of minutes: A good alternative to the above option is for players to explore the nearby area and kill monsters or even loot chests they could find for items such as Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems, although these are fairly rare. There’s a good chance for Brogoth to respawn after a few minutes.
  • Change difficulty: Players can also return to Westmarch and change difficulties. This should automatically respawn Brogoth in the area.

Stats, Attacks

Being a Purple Unique Monster, defeating Brogoth isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. Similar to most mini-bosses, Brogoth does possess various attacks and a rather decent HP to boot. Here are some stats players need to take note of when it comes to hunting down Brogoth as a foe:

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  • Decent HP: When faced in Hell 2 difficulty, Brogoth has 283,309 HP. This can increase depending on the settings players choose when it comes to locating the Purple Unique.
  • Basic Spike Attack: Brogoth’s go-to attack in close range is hitting the players with its spiked flail. Players can easily tank through this attack or even dodge it while doing its attack animation.
  • AOE Slam: The second of Brogoth’s attacks involves lifting its weapon and then jumping high in the air, only to hit the ground with the weapon with full force. This forces the screen to shake and forces ice spikes to appear around them. Players know this is about to happen as a circular area will glow in a particular area, notifying players if they have to run away or dodge.
  • Poison Spits: The third of Brogoth’s attacks involve spawning various invisible serpents that spit poison at the players. They disappear after a few shots, but players hit by the snakes get Poisoned and receive damage over time.

Defeating The Brogoth

Despite his rather stocky nature, the Brogoth is not exactly a difficult boss to face in Diablo Immortal. With the right strategy, players may be able to defeat the Brogoth without much difficulty, similar to typical bosses in the Diablo 3 grind. Here are some things players should do to secure victory against the Brogoth and finish the Wanted: Kill Brogoth quest:

  • Run around: The Brogoth is rather slow, meaning players can get a lot of attacks should it run around the monster. Ranged builds and mobile-intensive builds can greatly benefit from this strategy.
  • Note the attack animations: Given the slow nature of the Brogoth, it practically gives away its attacks. Players need to take note whenever the Brogoth plans on swinging its sword or jumping to a location, so they can safely retreat.
  • Stock up on potions: If players are at a lower level and find themselves unoptimized to defeat the Brogoth quickly, it helps to stock up on various potions. This at least ensures players survive while whittling away the Brogoth’s health.

Diablo Immortal is available for iOS, Android, and PC.

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