Destiny 2: Redditors Call for Beyond Light and Shadowkeep Activities to Be Included in Vanguard Playlist


Season 18 for Destiny 2 is just a few days away, and players are excited to see what developers at Bungie have in store for the community.

Along with a host of changes to the game’s sandbox, Guardians can’t wait to try out new content in the form of a new Raid that will debut few days after the release of Season 18.

While the new season will see changes to Raid content and PvP with the addition of SBMM to the Control playlist, fans want some of the game’s other modes to see a revamp as well.

In a recent Reddit post on r/DestinyTheGame, players discussed about the lack of variety with Vanguard Operations, which is one of the more popular PvE modes in the game.

The mode saw major changes earlier this year with the release of the Witch Queen expansion. With the addition of Battlegrounds from Season 13, players were able to access arenas like Behemoth, Oracle, Hailstone, and Foothold.

However, half a year later, it seems like players find the content to be a bit mundane while grinding pinnacles in Vanguard operations, and the community wants more diversity with the introduction of Empire and Nightmare Hunts. These missions were added as part of the Beyond Light and Shadowkeep expansions, respectively. And with Vanguard lacking diversity with its content, Guardians are clamoring for Bungie to add it as part of its playlist.

Other than that, players have also mentioned that they would love to see PsiOps Battlegrounds as part of the playlist as well. In the end, with the addition of Nightmare, Empire and PsiOps, Vanguard playlists will have 14 new missions for players to farm for pinnacles, which makes life a little less boring to experience in the world of Destiny 2.


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