Destiny 2 Community Event Completed in 25 Hours Thanks to Glitch


The Destiny 2 community has a history of finding ways to game the system through a combination of glitches and collaboration, especially when it comes to community events, and it is no different with the latest event the community has been able to finish. Previous events such as Niobe Labs, the Corridors of Time, and Empyrean Foundation all highlight this groundswell by the game’s community which comes together for such events, even during quieter times. It has been the same with the current event surrounding the Elikisni Quarter, which is now in a much better state than it has been since the Eliksni were given the space in the Season of the Splicer.


Destiny 2‘s current season, Season of Plunder, saw the return of Eramis to the universe’s proverbial chessboard after being frozen for well over a year following the end of Beyond Light’s campaign. The seasonal narrative saw several major reveals, including the bloody history of Mithrax and Nezerac indeed being a disciple of The Witness, as Guardians raced Eramis across the system to recover several artifacts. Eramis was ultimately thwarted, but not before defending Mithrax’s daughter Eido from the Lucent Brood and seemingly opening the door to a potential redemption arc for the former Kell of Darkness.

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As mentioned above, the latest community event centered around rebuilding the Eliksni Quarter was meant to close out the season but, instead, it has been finished in roughly 25 hours. Content creator Skarrow9 highlighted the glitch at use by the community to game the event, itself, using the Captain’s Atlas and specific treasure maps to spam create treasure coordinates. The glitch, in turn, allowed players to infinitely donate coordinates and speedrun the community event as quickly as they did.

Bungie took to Twitter several hours after Skarrow posted his YouTube video to confirm the primary goal of the event was accomplished and the Eliksni Quarter has been rebuilt. The accompanying video shows a few of the changes to the area, including a new garden and upgrades to several buildings. Bungie did not directly comment on the glitch the wider community used to finish the event quickly and, instead, simply stated how the community was able to finish the event “in record time.”

The “record time” completion of the event’s main objective is only the latest event the Destiny 2 community has been able to spam and complete much faster than intended. It likely won’t be the last, either, given how many times this has happened within the game up to this point and simply becomes a question of when the next event will occur. Another event could take place as soon as Season 19 as the season will lead into the launch of Lightfall in early 2023, and a community event could help set the table for the reveal of Neptune.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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