Deliver Us Mars: How to Hook Up the MPT Dish


Players that are having trouble fixing the MPT Dish in Deliver Us Mars’s first chapter can find the solution to that puzzle here.

At the beginning of the first chapter of Deliver Us Mars, players will find Kathy in the midst of working on a satellite dish. This work will ultimately lead fans to the game’s first puzzle, which centers around hooking up the MPT Dish. For those players that may be having some trouble resolving this MPT puzzle in Deliver Us Mars, this guide contains a full walkthrough of its solution.

Deliver Us Mars: Fix the MPT Dish Puzzle Solution

After climbing down a ladder and descending a flight of stairs, players will encounter two small rooms. The left room, which can be entered through an open door, is the one that fans of sci-fi video games should focus on first, and they should use Kathy’s tool to cut the three hinges on the bottom of its large window. For full clarity, this cutting is to be performed from the position shown in the following image, and the window’s shutters will rise when the last hinge has been removed.


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deliver us mars fix mpt dish

Players should now enter the left room and cut the four hinges from the black panel on the ground. This will force a laser to emerge from the floor, and fans of story-driven video games should interact with it and point the beam through the window that they just opened. More specifically, this laser should be directed at a device that is above the right room’s large window, causing the beam to turn green and the right room’s door to open.

deliver us mars fix mpt dish

Fans of video games with female protagonists should now enter the right room and interact with the laser that is inside. This laser should be pointed through the window on the left so that its beam comes into contact with a power device situated in front of the left room. Again, the beam will turn green when it is in the correct position, helping fans to know when they can move onto the next step.

deliver us mars fix the mpt dish puzzle

That next step is to return to the left room and reposition its laser so that it hits the power device situated in front of the right room. Once the beam goes green, players can release the laser and continue their journeys through Deliver Us Mars‘s first chapter.

deliver us mars fix mpt dish puzzle

With respect to exactly where fans of indie video games should go after solving the MPT Dish puzzle, there is a pickup truck waiting for Kathy just down the stairs. Interacting with that truck will initiate a short sequence that will give players a sense of the world in which this game takes place.

Deliver Us Mars is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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