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Dear, Ella is an RPG genre game developed by Com2uS Holdings Corporation. This game has an interesting story and is packaged like anime and comic strips because there are several cutscenes that tell the story of Ella’s adventures to change her destiny. In Dear, Ella, you need to form a party with 5 heroes that have their respective classes. After that, you can play various modes in this game. In this Dear Ella Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics of Dear, Ella


When you want to play in various modes, you need a party. There are 5 party slots that you can fill with 5 heroes plus 3 (5 if all are unlocked) chain skills in each party. We recommend using a different strategy for each party, so when needed to fight a certain enemy, you can use a different party.


There are two main modes in this game, the first is the Adventure mode which is the main story in the Dear, Ella game. In this Adventure, there are about 7 chapters that you can play with each chapter having 15 stages that need to be completed.

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The second is the Battle mode, here it is broken down again with various modes, such as Event Dungeon, Forgotten Mine to get gold every time you defeat monsters, there is an Ancient Temple to obtain Craft Materials, there is an Arena as PvP (Player vs Player), there is Land of Illusions to obtain Rubies by defeating monsters, there is Ice Queen’s Nightmare to obtain Gear and the like, and lastly there is Kaimora’s Magafurnace to obtain Hero Exclusive Gear Materials. However, you must unlock all of these modes first by completing certain stages of the Adventure mode.


Dear, Ella also has different classes, there are 5 classes with their respective functions and roles, Here are the classes with their roles:

  • Attack: This class’s role is to provide attacks against enemies which usually have a close range, so he will be positioned in front.
  • Defense: This class has a role to accommodate all the attacks given by the enemy because he is required to be in the front position so that his allies are safe behind him.
  • Ranger: This class plays a role in providing DPS (Damage per Second) attacks.
  • Magic: This class has the role of providing explosive attacks because of the skills that support doing that.
  • Support: This class’s role is to provide assistance to allies such as buffing, providing shields, recovering HP, and even giving debuffs to allies.

Dear Ella Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in Dear Ella Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey

1. Choose the perfect Party composition

Party composition is the most important strategy in playing this game. As we already know, this party must be filled with 5 heroes, who only have 1 formation, therefore, in this leading position we fill with heroes who have good stats in defense, therefore it needs to be filled with class defense.

Besides that, the book is filled with class attacks because the hero has melee attacks. Then the remaining 3 behind it, we fill it with class magic, ranger, and support. In this rear position, you are free to deploy these three classes in any position, but we recommend placing support or DPS at the back.

Besides deploying the five heroes, the book deploys chain skills. What are chain skills? This chain skill is a kind of ultimate skill in other games, which is a skill that has the strongest power among other skills. We recommend using chain skills that have a big impact on the team and have an AoE (Area of ​​Effect).

2. Upgrading your Heroes

There are various ways you can do to improve your hero, one of the easiest ways is to Level Up the hero using EXP Potions. In addition, you can use gear on each hero to increase your hero’s stats. Don’t forget to enhance your hero’s skills, but the enhancement level depends on the hero’s level, so when the hero is level 10, the skills you can enhance are only up to 10.

Upgrade heroes Dear Ella Beginners Guide
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Inscriptions also have an effect because enhancing them can increase your basic stats such as ATK, DEF, HP, and the like. Then when it’s complete, you can enchant it by consuming rubies, after enchanting it, your chain skill will increase.

3. Utilising the Ethereal

This ethereal can increase your hero’s stats and has various effects for many modes. You can get this ethereal by completing certain stages in Adventure. For newbies, you will get Ethereal of Nature which is very helpful for you newbies because this ethereal has a feature for auto-battle.

Use Ethereal Dear Ella Beginners Guide
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You can use this auto-battle when the battle takes place which at the beginning of the game the opponent is definitely not too difficult, so using this auto-battle is enough without the need to think about using certain hero skills according to the situation and conditions.

4. Activate Bonds

Activate bond
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When you get heroes following the storyline, you can activate their bonds. You can activate it by tapping the top right, then selecting the collection, and selecting bond, when you activate it, it will increase the hero’s stats. Each time the corresponding heroes are ranked up, the bond effect stats will also be boosted. This is very profitable when you use a strategy that has a bond with each character.

5. Check the post-battle Details

details after the battle
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In this game, during the course of the battle, you cannot see which hero is dealing with and receiving the most damage, as well as which hero is healing. However, this feature is available when you have finished the match and can be checked through the details. It is essential to know which heroes have the biggest impact on the team, because if a hero is lacking in power, then you can use a hero and try other strategies.

Final Thoughts

Dear, Ella is a game that has quite stunning graphics and an interesting storyline because it contains comic strips and anime. Apart from that, this game is also filled with various strategies, so you can explore everything such as heroes, parties, ethereal, bonds, etc. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Dear Ella beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Dear Ella Beginners Guide! Did you find our Dear Ella beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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